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This is thread to show love to the "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" sound. What is that sound? It's the sound of efficiency. My heavy gunner loves that sound. Two-three body shot Super Mutants, over 700-1000 headshot damage on Bloodied Gatling Gun in low-hp build. 250-500 magazine. Full auto when it needs to. Semi-auto when you want it to. Accurate from hipfire, accurate from sights, great in VATS, headshot monster, 150% ammo efficiency, cheap ammo to craft, fast reload. Mid-range sniper rifle if you ask nicely and treat with love. Even great stealth headshot weapon if you pat it on barrel.

What is not to love about this gun? Yes, for bosses there are better weapons, no doubt (and it's not commando weapon but only people without aim play commando ;) ). But when you run around Appalachia and you hear that BOOM! BOOM! sound of pure efficiency combined with STOMP STOMP sound of your Power Armor and you mow down enemies in one headshot or 2 shots remembering that you have couple hundred rounds in magazine - tell me - what more do you need?

Because all I need is my Bloodied Gatling Gun. And I am level 200 and It just kills everythig so efficient and fast :).

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