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Here's what they wrote in the update log:


It seems someone out there in the Wasteland has found a way to hijack the airwaves to begin broadcasting their very own Pirate Radio Station! Open your Pip-Boy and tune into the new station to tap your toes to hours of new “muzak,” and catch a blast from the past with radio dramas and commercials from life before the bombs dropped. As of yet, the audio interloper behind this rogue station has yet to reveal their identity. Until they do, we can at least enjoy some fresh tunes during our adventures in Appalachia.

Gotta go listen what's in there.

EDIT after listening to that radio for 20 minutes: It's kinda country'ish, with a lot of lore-friendly ads in between the tracks. Also, there are some radio plays, new ones included.

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Originally posted by Vernon_Trier

Just checked and the answer is no, unfortunately -(

u/LadyDevann is there any possibility the radio appliance would be added to camp building mode for Pirate Radio as well?

I can throw that suggestion to the team, for sure :)