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When i go to spam any food (eg popcorn) or drink (dirty water) more than two or three at a time it freezes the whole game and i need to hard close and reset. Happens in events, daily ops or not. Makes no difference. It's any consumables also.. It's not the usual crash to blue screen/desktop (that shouldn't happen anymore but that we've all become accustomed too). It's actual freeze of the whole game! Ive never seen it before in three years. Controls non responsive. Ive given the game over ten minutes to catch up but it never does. Not full stash, un encumbered. No glitches. On ps4.. Made a support ticket but it was useless. Is this happening to anyone else or does anyone know a fix? Ty

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Hi all, thank you for the reports on this. We're definitely seeing the threads and discussions on this and we are investigating. It's early, so I don't have a timeline on a fix currently, but just wanted you to know we're aware and looking into it! Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime, I know it's frustrating to have things freeze up on you.

For now, as others have mentioned, you should be able to avoid this by waiting a couple of seconds in between using consumables.