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I am a Japanese player and I am playing on PS4 pro.

There is a fatal bug in the Japanese version of Fallout 76.

When I open the stash or look at the vending machines, I get horrible garbled text and the frame rate drops or stops drastically. You will not be able to control the game properly.

It's really bad and makes gameplay difficult. I am sick and tired of this bug.

This bug has been there for a long time. Are the developers aware of this bug?

I made a video and inquired about it a year ago, but it still hasn't been fixed.

Or do they just disregard it and leave it alone because it is a local bug?

If this bug can't be fixed, I hope they announce it as such.

I don't want to waste any more of my time hoping that it will be fixed someday.

Please make it possible to transfer data from the PS4 version to the PC version. That way, everything will be solved. By the way, the same bug is occurring on PS5.

Or please fix this bug as soon as possible. I sincerely hope so.


This is a video I took at the time.


As you can see, the game almost stops for vending machines.

We can't even replenish our products properly.

It is difficult to even close the vending machine menu.

As for the stash, the symptoms were relatively mild when I took this video.

The cause is largely known.

The prevailing theory is that double-byte characters are having an effect.

This happens when a lot of items containing 2-byte characters are displayed at once in a vending machine or stash.

This is especially noticeable when displaying a 3 star Legendary weapon.

This bug does not occur on PC or stock PS4, and is said to be a PS4 pro or PS5 specific issue.

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Thank you so much for the report and the great video of this issue! That will be very helpful in our investigations on this. This has been reported to us previously and we're looking into it, but I don't currently have an ETA for a fix. As soon as we get an update on this issue we'll let you know!

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Originally posted by CORplus

Thank you for reading this report.

I love Fallout 76. I'm waiting for the day when this bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

Are you playing in 4k?