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I was pretty disappointed when i painted my Scrip Mule's armor with it and saw this. I tested it on several other armors types and weights, including sturdy and heavy Leather. I don't have Marine or Secret Service ghillie yet, and I might have forgotten some of the Type/Weight combinations. From what I did test though, it only seems to happen with Light Leather.

Here's what it looks like in an image album; https://imgur.com/a/af60au0

and here's a short video; https://i.imgur.com/IHfdVTe.mp4

I'm gonna report this to Bethesda, but I thought some people would get laughs from it. Can anyone with Marine and/or Secret Service post whether this happens with those too?

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17 days ago - /u/Ladydevann - Direct link

We've got this one on our radar to be fixed. Thanks for the report!