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Thought it was 6 per level, now it's not. 6 per unlocked card and 1 per overseer ticket, right?

I logged in on my newer character yesterday to open near on 80 perk packs (had to log out half way through, what a slow process that is!) got some perks and 40 tickets. Should I be unlocking other currently locked perks with those tickets, or just leave them as they are?

I'm assuming any locked perk with a value of less than 6 tickets will give me a better haul of coins, but I'm usually way off the mark when I assume stuff.

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Hi there! Some clarity on this: - You will earn 6 perk coins per perk card in Nuclear Winter you own. That is the amount of perk cards in your inventory you are holding onto. You will get one perk coin per Overseer Ticket. So to get the most coins back, you'll want to unlock those perk cards with your Overseer tickets. You get the same amount of coins regardless if it is an animated perk card, or non animated one.

Also for clarity, I saw some confusion on the max number of 600 coins. Some players who have not logged into Nuclear Winter for a long time may still have duplicate cards that were not turned into Overseer tickets.