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I have been a player of for honor for over 2 years now and through all the changes the game has gone through the bugs are still the same. Some of them are down to delay on the server end but some are down to wonky coding that could be fixed but the devs are keen to sweep under the rug.
Superior block, I have found, especially on characters like Tiandi, that the superior block doesn't work some of the time and allows the opponents to attack straight through the move, I find this especially annoying as it is meant to benefit the user for trying a risky move and it makes the user not want to at risk that even if they do time, it correctly it won't register anyway.
Regular blocks, in lots of matches I have found that blocks do not work, and the opponents attack will carry on through the block. This can be blamed on poor connection but when one-person isn't lagging they shouldn't be punished for it.
Hit boxes on structures, I do not mind the fact that weapons hit walls if the person it too close, I find that it adds an extra level of awareness, however it annoys me when a wall or structure has part of its hitbox jet out from the rest of it.
Parrying, I have found that when I go for a parry that sometimes the animation for a parry plays out however the attacks carry's on as well as me timing it correctly and the hero goes for an attack anyway.
Disconnecting from matches, this is the one that annoys me most, I will have a stable connection for a whole game then at one point I will get a notification from the game saying I have high ping yet the game itself is not being affected. Then I will disconnect from the match and be pushed back into the menu. I have had this multiple times and I have also done test with having a live feed of my network speed which doesn't change yet I will still disconnect.
Finally, I also find that pressing E to cancel attacks doesn't work, it may be down to timing it but I get it a lot on characters like highlander and shugoki.
I am not really looking for advice, just wanted to vent my opinion as it is starting to really get to me.

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