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For Honor’s limited-time Halloween event Monsters of the Otherworld is now available to all players!

Get ready for a ghoulish thrill ride in the most horrifying double feature of the year: Slay your greatest fears in Endless March and Spooky Slashers for a chance to unlock exclusive limited-time content. Gear up for your next bone-chilling adventure in For Honor's Monsters of the Otherworld, available until November 12th!

The event begins with Endless March, a variant of the Dominion game mode in which minions are replaced by powerful skeletons, available throughout October 22 to November 5.

To end the event, from November 5 to November 12, Spooky Slashers will be available. In this game mode, players capture zones to gain special buffs, which they can use to slay the frighteni... Read more

23 Oct



Hey all, just wanted to inform you that we have a Spotify playlist containing some terrifying tunes and horrific hymns.

This includes two For Honor jams. :)

Happy Halloween!

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Originally posted by Abyssal_Paladin

Ubisoft Club and Uplay are becoming Ubisoft Connect, therefore all old rewards for almost all games are given out to everyone for free.

Correct! Not a bug. :)


It's now canon that you all look fangtastic. :)

22 Oct


Originally posted by ConnorMacLeod-

Ubiinsulin, thank you very much for the reply. Without discussing future CPP plans for this game, can you at least confirm that this list from Ubisoft Connect was being specific to the list of games for Core Challenges and the other Ubisoft Connect features (App, rewards, chat, stats, etc)? That part shouldn't infringe on Next Gen details.

I don't need to know specific plans about anything else, but just to clarify what that list is for (which shouldn't spoil other plans) regarding the Ubisoft Connect portion. Again, thank you.

This list confirms that FH will have Core Challenge functionality in Ubisoft Connect + potentially in-game currency/rewards from that system.

I read this as "the Uplay/Club type stuff will continue", though it's obviously a new system now so there will be differences. I don't see anything about Chat being impacted, and I assume Stats are included in the package based on FH being on this list.


Originally posted by Jaeger_NL

I’m not trying to offend you of course, my apologies if I did. I’m sure that you are busy, but we are all just kind of in need of a bit more community interaction when it comes to certain things. u/ConnorMacLeod- would be able to tell you better than anyone here.

No worries I just got a little salty on Reddit dot com, which is always a mistake.

And yes, Connor always asks extremely good questions! I wish I always had the new info that he wants in my possession, but sometimes I'm unable to respond for one reason or another.


Originally posted by ConnorMacLeod-

No, after searching their sites there's also no event FAQ except a generalized article about it:

Players will have the opportunity to earn Halloween-themed loot from our past 3 Halloween events throughout specific dates.

u/Ubiinsulin can we get specific details regarding this event and what is available when? I've found no FAQ regarding it. Also: I pinged you on my post about Ubisoft Connect, can you go back and clear that issue up for the community as well (clarification on Cross Play, Progression vs Ubisoft Connect's announcement)? Thanks in advance.

It's not up yet/in the process of going up, here's the relevant section though:

Players can loot unique items during the event by playing any of the Game Modes (PVP & PvAI), except in Custom Matches.

Monsters of the Otherworld, from October 22nd to November 12th

- Effect (Idle, Emote, Execution): Candies

- Battle Outfit: Candies

- Ornament: Candies

- A Weapon Set per Hero

Feast of the Otherworld, from October 22nd to 29th

- Effect (Idle, Emote, Execution): Pulled Under

- Battle Outfit: Grasping Death

- Ornament: Hell Driver

Return of the Otherworld, from October 29th to November 5th

- Effect (Idle, Emote, Execution): Moonlight Sonata

- Battle Outfit: Moonlight Sonata

- Ornament: Selenelion

Fangs of the Otherworld, from November 5th to 12th

- Effect (Idle, Emote, Execution): Apotropaic Ritual

- Battle...

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Originally posted by ConnorMacLeod-

u/Ubiinsulin is my assessment correct in that there might be some misinterpretations about what the Ubisoft Connect announcement is saying and that no major FH news is coming from it?

All information that is presently available about For Honor-specific plans for next gen is in this article: .

This (and the Den that came out concurrently) is the only source on that information as of right now, and for now that's the only information I can give.


Originally posted by Jaeger_NL

God forbid they ever interact with the community other than some patch notes, maintenance posts and a few questions here and there.

God forbid.


Glad you like the adjustments! Glad it didn't go unnoticed among the other parts of the update. :)


PS4: 1.4 Gb, Xbox One: 1.25 Gb, PC: 1.5 Gb

We want to take a moment to thank all of the players who made contributions to the For Honor Bug Reporter! Because of you, the team has scheduled or implemented fixes for 158 player-submitted issues since Year 4, Season 2.

Our Production and QA/QC teams appreciate your efforts in helping us continue to improve For Honor!


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So proud that a minion has achieved flight.


It will let everyone make educated decisions and reduce a lot of the frustration people have complained about with "surprise mechanics."

Tracking enemy meter/enemy "ult" timings is a thing in lots of games, and is always visible to opponents in conventional 1v1 fighting games. I believe this change will impact how people play a lot, but I don't think it's certain that it means all ganks will be successful.

As long as I'm playing FH, at least one person will be feeding revenge in Dominion ganks. Me.

When do they post?

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