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Our support team are the ones who will investigate such incidents, and if they are unable to remove a ban, then there is no further action that can be taken. The community team is not involved with ban removals.

Please refrain from creating multiple threads on the matter. Thread Closed.

18 Apr

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16 Apr

Originally Posted by SuperiorJeans-
I don't think a permanent ban is necessary. It's effectively denying consumers from the product entirely, which is effectively conning them.

While I'm not against some form of punishment for my actions, nothing should excuse the outright removal of something someone paid for. Especially when you have in-game chat suspensions that you can use for code of conduct violations.

Please lift the permanent ban on my account.
You can reach out to our ... Read more
If Support has upheld your ban, there is nothing we can do on our end. I'd like to wish you luck in your future gaming endeavors.

14 Apr

Nothing that we're sharing at the moment. We'll be sure to keep the community in the loop whenever the team gives us the green light!

13 Apr

I'll add this thread to my notes. Thanks! Would be interested to see how many other FH players share your opinion.

12 Apr

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09 Apr


We are excited to inform you that the 2021 For Honor Dominion Series, our official competitive program where players compete in the 4v4 game-mode Dominion, begins on May 1st, with a total prize pool of $65,000!

The format for 2021 will be different from the previous year. All information such as how to sign up, official rules, prize breakdowns, and more will be on the battlefy website, which will be up and ready for you starting April 16th.

The Dominion Series 2021 will feature a circuit that will run throughout the entire year, starting from Year 5 Season 1 to Year 5 Season 4. Each season will be considered a �Stage�, with a total of 4 stages in the program.

... Read more
Hey there.

Would you mind sharing what you experienced in your time in the game that makes you want to walk away from it? You mentioned toxicity, so I'd love to hear specifics on what went down.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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