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LET'S GO! What are you buying first?


All this video missing is the Jojo credits theme at the end of it.

21 Oct


Originally posted by Material-Barracuda94

Silly you, the new gen of CMs are forbidden to communicate, lol. They do represent the devs, not us.

Since they can not control us, they pretend they are listening.

We are always watching... But don't get it wrong I 100% represent you also, and work with the community to make funny sword game the best that it can be. I'll try to be more active here.


Originally posted by ConnorMacLeod-


This is your second FH post here, but no comments. Your profile states you're a For Honor Community Manager. There's only X amount of actual Community Managers for a Ubisoft game. Since you're in EU, did you replace Ubi_P4in as the For Honor EMEA Community Manager (I'd assume Ubiinsulin's replacement will be someone in the NA region)?

Did Ubi_P4in leave to focus primarily on Far Cry 6 as it's released now, moved to some other IP like Ubiinsulin did, or is he still with the For Honor Team?

Pulitzer prize to you! Yeah I'm the only EMEA For Honor CM who took over from Ubi-P4in, apologies for not announcing it here.