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So I haven't been keeping up with news about this game in a while and was wondering if there was any word on some work on shinobi because there isn't any other hero that gives me such a headache when I play them.
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Obviously a good enough player can make anything look good, I'm currently rep 52 with him and I can do well sometimes but the fact is his kit is sorely lacking any pressure. There is no need to even try parrying a shinobi he doesn't have an unblockable, undodgable and his kick is pretty easy to dodge, on top of that his light deflect is only 13 dmg and has the least health in the game. It would at least be nice to be able to light, heavy, light or something as well but instead all you get are 2 hit combos.

Also It doesn't feel right that although he is my main and has the highest rep I do better with almost every other character even if they only have a couple of reps.
I'm not aware of any Shinobi reworks, but I have seen some players say they don't feel he's particularly useful in the game's current meta. It sounds like you may share this sentiment where you feel he doesn't have a very versatile kit which makes using him in duels and 4s a bit more difficult than other heroes?