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Hello, and welcome to the first of many community guides.

These guides were written in collaboration with some of the players from our Discord channel.
Myself and some of the other Star players got together with the best players from the Alpha that we had come up against and befriended and worked with them to write an easy to understand guide to the Warden.

These were by far the best Wardens any of us had seen and so we saw it was only fit to have them write down their tips for the Warden character.

Here in this Guide Pandaego will walk you through the basics of the Warden, Willaguy, The defensive skills, and Coma987 will walk you through The Wardens Offensive combos and tactics.

We hope you enjoy the guide and all the hard work these guys put into it!

Warden Basics
By Pandaego

The Warden leads the charge in For Honor for the Knight Faction. As a Warden, you will use your longsword, explosive feats, and proper tactics to take on any opponent and come out on top. You will want to remain on the front lines, constantly fighting for the objectives and focusing on the overall battle to maximize your team's chances of winning!

Warden Strengths
The Warden is versatile and aptly fills the easy to learn difficult to master niche of For Honor. Once you have an understanding of the basic combos of the Warden you will be able to chain your attacks with ease and capitalize quickly on your opponents mistakes and punish them.

The Warden is a good beginner character because he several easy to use combo's that can be started in multiple ways and are highly effective when used correctly. In order to become good with the Warden, you will need to learn the combos and the proper times to use them in order to maximize your chances of winning.

Like most fighting games, the mastery of combos takes a bit of time, knowing when to utilize certain combos and knowing distances and timings will separate you from the rest of the pack.

Spacing, for example, is of the utmost importance. Knowing the distance of your strikes and guard breaks as well as those of your opponents should be your number 1 priority when going in for the attack. The most common trait I see in new players is a desire to run in and chop everyone into little bits. Don't do that. Spend your first few matches against the bots just practicing blocking and counter guard breaking and getting to learn your combos on your character.

Warden Weaknesses
The Warden is sort of your Jack of all trades hero, he has no real weaknesses but he also has no obvious strengths either. The only things that can even be called a weakness is the fact that he is a bit too straightforward at times, and that his dash is very sluggish compared to the other heroes. The Warden doesn't have a lot of range or mobility so classes that are agile like the Orochi, or have a lot of reach like the Kensei, will be your primary issues when facing an opponent.

Both Kensei and Orochi are very good at dancing around the Warden while the Kensei can attack the Warden from far enough away that the Warden can't retaliate and the Orochi can attack very quickly from one side and then very quickly switch to another while also moving around and making them hard to pin down for the slower moving Warden. Against these types of characters, your best choice is to play it safe and focus on defense as you don't really have good tools to deal with them. That being said they are not impossible to beat but they will put up a tough fight.

Warden attacks
Warden light attacks - Wardens have decently quick light attacks in comparison to most classes. The light top attacks from a Warden are very quick but don't combo very well and the Wardens light side attacks are slower but they can hit twice in one attack (more on this in a bit). A Wardens light attacks are their bread and butter and will be used in pretty much all of your combos.

Warden Heavy attacks - Warden heavies are slow but incredibly powerful -- especially when used overhead. The only times I personally use a heavy into an opponent are A. When I throw them into a wall and stagger them or B. to feint and either bait them into attacking me. The Warden Heavies are very easy to block and as such, I use them sparingly. The heavies don't combo too well unless used as a closer for a combo attack. When used as Feints, however, they quickly become more useful as the Warden can feint their attacks fairly quickly and switch to another side to attack on.

Warden Special Moves The Warden has three moves that are unique to them.

1. Double light attack -- The double light attack is a way for the Warden to maximize their damage while also being a good opener for a combo. If you connect with a left/right light attack (not an overhead) QUICKLY tap the light attack button again right as your attack hits the opponent to get a guaranteed quick second attack.

Here is an example of the double light attack.

2. Shoulder Charge -- The shoulder charge is another of the Wardens Unique moves. It allows you to temporarily break your opponents guard or to force push your opponent off of you to give yourself some breathing room when things get dicey. It can also be used to set up one of the Warden's most devasting combos. It's very versatile and can be used for both offense, and defense.

3. Overhead counter attack -- Using the light strike overhead at the right time allows the Warden to overpower most overhead strikes and return a heavy amount of damage. Beware when attacking other Wardens overhead because this is an incredibly punishing move.

Warden Defensive Dictionary
By Willaguy

You are 'Nosaru' and have just come across an enemy Kensei, you see a name above his head, “HandheldBrando”, well this should be easy then......

If only you had a force-field...

Warden Defense

The Warden is, debatably, the most basic character in For Honor. But don’t let that fool you. Mastery of The Warden requires that you master the basic game mechanics and functions with a special attention to defense. Do you not want to kill the filthy Vikings and the pretentious Samurai? Of course, you do! But to kill, first, you must survive.

The Warden has few tools at his/her disposal that are uniquely his/hers, for this reason, I will cover the basics of defense that could apply to almost any character. First among these basics, is, of course, blocking. To block you must move the right thumb stick to match the direction of an incoming attack, either left, right or up. If you’ve successfully done this, then congratulations are in order! For you’ve survived an attack and have come out of it largely unscathed. But watch out! There are more attacks inbound, and you can’t just keep blocking them. This is where parrying comes in. To parry, match the direction of an incoming attack just like you would do with a block. But this time, press the heavy attack button (Right Trigger or R2) just as the opponent’s blade is about to hit yours. Rejoice, for you’ve parried a surely confused opponent. What’s this? Spamming attacks aren't going as your opponent has planned it would, he’s stunned and opened up for a counter-attack. How could this be? Will your opponent be forced to resort to blocking? Will he have to plan his attacks to have more than an iota of intelligence behind the swing?

The Warden’s Defensive Strengths

The Overhead Counter
The Warden may not have many flashy special moves unique to him/her, but the one’s he/she does have are excellent. Let’s start with my favorite, the overhead counter. An enemy is coming at you with an overhead heavy attack, you think to yourself, “I should parry”. But then, a voice appears in your head “Use the For-… the light attack button instead”. You do as anyone else would when approached with a disembodied voice that sounds like a slightly pedophilic old man, obey. Suddenly an orange glow surrounds your sword, you block the enemy's attack, but your sword is still moving, it’s inching closer and closer to the enemy as if guided by the spirit of Ser Arthur Dayne. You’ve done tremendous damage to your opponent, all because you used the light attack button to parry instead of the heavy attack button. But take note brave Ser, this only works with overhead attacks, and nothing more.

The Zone Attack
Now moving on from that predicament, you come across a rather defensive Raider. She’s not attacking, she’s not guard breaking, what are you to do? You try a side light, then and overhead heavy, both blocked. In this moment, you think to yourself, “What if I press both the light attack and heavy attack buttons at the same time?” You do so, and in that instant, you drive forth an attack so fast, you made a picture of Chuck Yeager blush. That was a zone attack, normally used for killing poor foot soldiers, it is of tremendous use during a duel. It is so fast hardly anyone could hope to block it. But that speed comes with a price, half of your stamina. Use this move when approached with an overly defensive opponent, for it is one of the few good openers a Warden has at his/her disposal.

The Warden’s Defensive Weaknesses

Yes yes, I’m just as surprised as you are. “A Knight has a weakness? Is it his or hers exploitable nature to protect the weak?” No brave Ser, it is maneuverability, more specifically, dashing. The Warden’s dash is perhaps one of the worst in the game, it is slow and doesn’t carry you a substantial distance. You must refrain from using this, it won’t get you very far, both literally and figuratively. Also, stay away from ledges.

Warden Offense
By Coma987

Offensive Basics: The Warden has moderately fast light attacks which make the Warden a good duelist. The speed of his light attacks allows him to quickly get in hits which allows him to initiate his combos, the heavy attack, being much slower, does greater damage, but cannot combo quite as well. The problem with the light attack is that it doesn't do much damage, therefore, you might simply want to do 2 heavy attacks, so if the opponent gets hit they will more damage. However, the heavy attack is easy to defend against and if it gets parried, it will open you up for retaliation, so try and stick with the light attack unless you feel like you can safely land a heavy attack.

Advanced offensive tactics: Since the heavy attacks are so slow, most advanced Warden play has to do with the light attack combo's which is their bread and butter. This is because when the Warden does a side light attack if he does another right as the hit connects, he will perform another light attack instantly, which is too fast to block.
Combining this with the shoulder charge is one of the Warden's most deadly and effective combos. This combo (affectionately dubbed the Pandaego Special by HandheldBrando) allows you to chain your double light attack into a shoulder charge into another double light attack. The combo basically allows you to link your attacks into a stagger which gives you a few advantageous options.

Theoretically, you could go on indefinitely with the double light/shoulder charge combo (this can be countered) or you could simply finish the combo off with a heavy attack, however, that can be blocked/parried. another option you have is to use your shoulder charge to push the enemy away to either gain some breathing room or to push them into a wall---which will stagger them long enough to allow an overhead heavy attack---or off a ledge

Feints: If you see that your opponent is good at defending, you can try utilizing feints. Feints can be done by pressing Circle(PS4)/B(XB1) during a heavy attack, and can be used to trick your opponents, possibly baiting a parry.

In addition, the double light attack/Shoulder charge combo can utilize feints to make the combo last longer. After a shoulder charge, you can do an overhead heavy, which, if feinted, can bait a parry, causing your opponent to throw a heavy overhead, allowing you to punish them with Warden's unique top light parry, keeping you safe while keeping the pressure on your opponent.

Feints for the Warden can also be used in conjunction with the zone attack, which, while not inflicting much damage, it can be used to simply keep the enemy on their toes. The zone attack is very fast and always comes out from the right, so for example if you did a left heavy attack to bait your opponent to go into that stance, which you can then feint and use the zone attack as your opponent most likely won't have time to react to it. Be aware, though, of the zone attack's heavy stamina cost---nearly 50%---so don't be overzealous in using it.

If played correctly the Warden is a force to be reckoned with and can easily contend with the flashier classes.

Get out there warriors and show those Vikings and Samurai the true might of the Legion!

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Big shout out to you guys! Great job!
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Good stuff. Great job everyone!

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