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I played For Honor quite a bit back on console with friends and was alright at it back in 2016/17- the tutorial wasn't atrociously annoying or hard, and the game would make the AI function like it's supposed to while teaching you about Stamina and Fatigue: The bot will attack you until they run out of stamina, allowing you to openly attack them as you wish while also showing the importance of blocking and maintaining stamina at a moderate level so you can block and beat your opponent. Yes, you'd have trouble blocking lights, but they didn't do much damage. What MADE the damage actually annoying was the fact that now, coming back to the game in 2021, not only does the bot NOT consume that much stamina spamming their light and heavy attacks, but the lights come out annoyingly quicker, heavies seem to sometimes just get past the block while aiming in the right blocking direction, AND THE BOT STANDS BACK TO REGEN THEIR STAMINA IF IT'S LOW AND YOU CAN'T GUARDBREAK THEM BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVE STAMINA!!! They do between 3-5 combo strings if they use either only lights, a mix of light and heavies, or only heavies-- all of which will always take it to low health, but the instant you try to guard break them to stop them regenning stamina and putting them into fatigue, THEY JUST LIGHT YOUR ATTACK AND REGEN THE STAMINA IT TOOK TO LIGHT AND MORE!! You're being punished JUST for attempting the trial!! This is just unfair and broken as ****! I've attempted this trial at least 17 different times and only 3 times have I actually managed to break the AI's stamina through sheer luck with them using heavy attacks over and over with low stamina.

TL;DR Stamina Trial broken because bot won't fatigue themselves to teach you the importance of stamina and fatigue. Fix the bot to do more attacks UNTIL it fatigues itself, or make it NOT guardbreak the player when the bot's low on stamina so the player CAN ACTUALLY FINISH THE DAMN TUTORIAL AND LEARN THE REST OF THE GAME'S MECHANICS!!!
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Hello BladeDoesGaming, welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about your experience with Stamina in the tutorial.

Can I kindly ask you to provide us with a short video of this occurring, so we can investigate it further for you?

Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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Thank you for providing that video and the further details for us, RomaInvicta.

This is an issue that has been passed on to the For Honor Team, and is currently being looked into.