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Ok I just have to know is highlander broken because how I play him (wrong) everyone says highlander is broken and I should just stop playing him and continue playing lawbringer I just gotta know

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He definitely got stronger after the CCU + buff, but he was regarded as fairly weak before. I wouldn't base my hero choice based on whether other people say they're broken or not, tbh.

I do want to say that we've noted the feedback on his light animations, if this is what's being referred to as broken.

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Yes there’s several videos showcasing the lack of react-ability on his defensive lights. Everyone likes his new speed and the technical mastery required to wield him, but he has the old Raider problem of his animations not making sense and sort of clipping into each new movement halfway in.

this is a good video to reference

This makes his lights barely readable and the hyper armor he gets with his follow ups just destroys any hope of recovery. He honestly does too much damage for how fast he is. Parrying will only net so much reward, and because of his animations it’s more risky to read a parry since it feels like he just need 2 heavies to kill an assassin.

Raider's a comparison point I used recently in a discussion I had with a developer, so I'm glad you think it's a comparable situation.

Appreciate the video!