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🛠 Warriors, there will be a maintenance tomorrow, October 1. 🛠

Time: 9am ET / 13:00 UTCEstimated Down-time: 30 minutes

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Ranked Rewards to not be prioritized for the currently played Hero. (Bug Reporter issue link: FH-492)
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Just posting a pinned comment to draw your attention to the Bug Reporter link for the resolved issue: FH-492

Our QA/Prod teams reviews issues reported via Bug Reporter as they come in, so definitely make use of it if you want to draw our attention to a bug! :)

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For Honor Bug Reporter | Ubisoft
For Honor players can submit bug reports, and also upvote the issues submitted by Ubisoft or other players. The main intent is to help the dev team understand the priority of the community. Thanks for your time.