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"Hello Friend! Top of the mornin' to ya! St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us and you must be the one who's come to help us get ready for the big festivities... would I be right?"

The St. Patrick's Day Event starts on Beta January 7th and will run until January 28th, 2021.

St Patrick's Day is almost upon us, and this year, you've received a call for help from a neighboring town. They're looking for your assistance in holding a grand festival to celebrate! Your task is to help the townsfolk prepare for the momentous occasion, and looking at it, you've got your work cut out for you! Paddy McCharms is the festival's guide, so be sure to listen to him as he shows you around town, introducing you to the townsfolk who will aid you in your quest to throw the best St. Patrick's Day festival ever!

Complete quests to earn Pots of Gold. There are 56 quests to complete, 35 rush quests, and then 1 quest for each day of the event. You can also find even more Pots of Gold in incidents around your city. Use the Pots of Gold in the main event window to prepare for the celebrations. You can also purchase additional Pots of Gold for Diamonds if you need some more.

Upon opening the event window, you'll see a map of the town. On the left hand side you have the festival. Towards the center, you'll see one of the town's factories. Click on this to start producing goods for use in the festival. Once the production is complete, they'll put the goods in containers ready for collection. Click on the ferry in the bottom left corner to send it to collect goods from the town, and deliver them to the festival. Once the ferry arrives back at the festival, click on it to collect the goods, and earn yourself some Shamrocks!

Use these newly earned Shamrocks to upgrade your factories, improving your output, and maximizing production. You can also upgrade your ferry, as well as the festival itself, to increase the amount of goods the ferry can carry across the river, as well as how quickly the festival can use the delivered goods. If you've gathered a lot of Shamrocks, and don't want to upgrade the productions gradually, tick the 'max' button in the top left corner to upgrade them much faster (it will allow you to invest the maximum amount of pots of gold in a single factory with just one click). Also, if you want to, you can spend Pots of Gold to advance your productions instantly by 2, 4 or 8 hours. This is a quick way to produce additional Shamrocks if you need them.

But micromanaging these factories isn't all you can do. Paddy has a suggestion to make your life so much easier! He'll introduce you to some fine young folk who, for a fee, will manage your factories. Click on the top hat ( ) to hire a manager for Pots of Gold. Hiring a manager not only gives you the opportunity to improve your factories output, but also automates the production of goods, meaning you don't have to click on your factory anymore! You can also hire a Festival Manager, to automatically manage the festival on your behalf, and a Shipyard Manager, to automate the shipment of goods to the festival.

Now this is all great, but what's in it for you? As you'll see, along the top of the event window, there are a list of three tasks. Completing a task will prompt you to collect the task, which will contribute progress towards your Grand Prize. Collect 25 tasks to earn the Grand Prize reward! If you're not sure what you need to do for a task, click on the arrow on the right side of the list for a full overview.

Once you complete a task, click to collect it, and it will be replaced with a new task, allowing you to work towards more Grand Prize progress. Eventually, however, Paddy won't have any more tasks for you to complete. Once you reach this point, click on the 'Next Stage' button in the bottom right to be presented with some end of stage reward boxes. With the Luck of the Irish, snag yourself some fantastic prizes from each box. You can open one container for free, and more containers for Pots of Gold. These costs will increase gradually the more boxes you open using Pots of Gold. Once you've collected all 6, you'll earn the collection reward on the right-hand side, and if you want, you can open a new set of 6 reward boxes before advancing to the next town.

Please note that you don't necessarily need to collect all tasks in order to proceed and unlock a new town. As soon as you gather 8.4 quadrillions of Shamrock, you can click in "continue" to advance and still keep your grand prize progress (in other words, the task progress). Once you've selected your stage prizes, the town progress will be reset and this gives you the chance to start the production over, and earn yourself even more Grand Prizes.

This button will light up as soon as you have 8.4Q Shamrocks

Druid Temple

The main Grand Prize reward for the St. Patrick's Day event is the brand new Druid Temple upgradable building. This gorgeous 5x4 upgradable building has 10 levels, and once you upgrade yours to its maximum level, the Druid Temple will provide you with defense boost for attacking army, random goods and a generous additional random production, besides population and coins on top of that.

Druid Temple - Level 10
  • On level 10, this building provides up to:
    • Population
    • Coins
    • +28% defense for attacking army
    • +20 random goods
    • +1 Random production that may vary between:
      • +25 Forge Points (40%)
      • +25 Goods (40%)
      • Medals (15%)
      • Supplies (5%)


Lastly, as always, you'll get to show off your progress to your friends and neighbors, by obtaining one of the three themed portraits.

As always, your feedback is very important for us, so don't forget to comment here! :)

The Forge of Empires Team  
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Please leave any feedback for the St Patrick's 2021 here.
You can find all the details here
Please report any bugs in our bug section here.  
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beelzebob666 said: I got a champion for clearing one of the tasks - is it intentional that clearing a task gives a (random???) reward? the announcement did not mention it
By completing a task you earn progress to your next main prize and you receive a random reward, which can for example be goods or an unit.  
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beelzebob666 said: The druids temple seems to be motivateable
- is that intentional?
- I would assume that it also is plunderable?
That is intended and as the building producdes goods, and possibly forgepoints, it should also be plunderable.  

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"Hello Friend! Top of the mornin' to ya! St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us and you must be the one who's come to help us get ready for the big...