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0s Hello Forge Fans!
2s The season of lights and  togetherness is upon us again,  
5s and it's coming to Forge of  Empires once more this winter.
8s You can look forward to lots of  snow and even more exciting gifts.
12s But before we dive deeper, grab a hot  chocolate, sit in your comfy chair,  
16s and don't forget to subscribe to this channel  to never miss any news about Forge of Empires.
25s This winter, our new questgiver Ami needs  your help to turn on the lights in Mistletown.
30s Complete her tasks, log in daily and collect  Incidents around your town to earn Stars.
35s With these you will be able to win a  lot of great prizes in the event window.
40s But before you receive them, all the items will be  wrapped in colorful gifts and shuffled properly.
45s If you choose one, you will  receive a random prize,  
48s as well as a box of matchsticks for your Stars.
51s Then use the Matches to light up 1-3  houses of the Mistletown skyline.
55s If all 19 houses light up, as well as the large  Christmas tree, you will receive a Grand Prize!
61s And for a one-time investment  even more Winter Prizes can be unlocked,  
65s which you will receive in parallel.
67s The Grand Prizes, as well as  the milestones of the questline  
70s also include many kits for the new Main  Building of the event: The Chocolatery!
75s A large chocolate factory with 11  levels and a selectable final stage.
79s You can choose between Ted's Choc  with some Forge Points, many Goods,  
84s a high attack and small defense boost for your  attacking army, as well as fragments for the  
89s new Nutcracker Guardhouse or Ketebo Candy with  many Forge Points, some Goods, a small attack  
95s and large defense boost for your attacking army  and also fragments for the Nutcracker Guardhouse.
100s And while we're at it: The Nutcracker Guardhouse  is a small new building for which you can find  
105s fragments in many places in the event and  permanently from the chocolate factories.
109s This cute building promises you  Forge Points, attack and defense  
113s power for your attacking army, as well  as fragments for a Mass Self-Aid kit.
118s But of course, these are far from  the only prizes you can pick up  
121s when unwrapping gifts! Among the gifts you  will always find the current Daily Special,  
126s which you can change once a day if you wish.
128s You can also find a key to  the Winter Calendar every day,  
131s which will open the current  door and reveal another gift.
134s If you manage to open all the doors, you will also  
137s get the Calendar Collection Reward with  an exclusive avatar and other big prizes!
142s If you don't manage to open a door on  the corresponding day, you can also  
146s collect further key fragments every day and  finally open any past door with 5 pieces each.
152s When opening the gifts, however, 3  special symbols are waiting for you.
156s The eye shows you the contents of two random  gifts, the "2x" doubles the contents of  
162s the next gift you open, and the crossed  arrows wrap and shuffle all gifts again!
166s Last but not least, you will also receive  two new avatars during the questline,  
171s as well as two avatars from the Winter Prizes  and Nicholas from the Calendar Collection Reward!
176s Are you already looking forward  to your trip back to Mistletown?
179s Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to  
182s join our official Facebook Group to  discuss with thousands of players!
185s See you in the snow!

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