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Please find the daily changelogs for this week below.
Every day we'll make a post notifying of any bugfixes or changes to the game, or otherwise to let you know that no changes have taken place.
Should you have any feedback regarding the contents of the daily changelogs, please let us know here.  
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  • The ticket counter for the Wildlife Event was not displayed correctly.
  • Negative happiness count for demand for hapiness
  • Achievements will continue counting data, even after completion.
  • A search function has been added to the Global Ranking to allow players to search for players with a certain Great Building.
  • The outgoing friend limit has been increased from 80 to 140 Friends.
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  • Chained buildings timer reset after a login
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  • Inactive guilds no longer will be shown in the suggested guilds list
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  • The infoscreen of the Mughal Empire refered to Outpost instead of Settlement
  • The Log Cabin did not display the supply boost
  • Wishing Well progress bar is off if reduction kit is used just after construction
  • We have added a confirmation window when players are trying to sell streets that require special resources
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  • Population not added when a chain set building and moving it.
  • Leaving the PVP Arena and rejoining afterwards would lead to an issue with the personal league rewards.
  • We have introduced an activity indicator in the Friends List comparable to the activity tab in the Guild.
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Beta deployment has been disabled, and the announced updates will take place with the next deployment.  

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