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167s i think we are live now aren't we jess
170s yes we are you can also see us there hi
174s hey everyone
178s so yes welcome to another
181s forge live
183s facebook and youtube
184s event i think that's where we're live
186s right now
187s um welcome everyone
190s can i see yeah i can see everyone
194s bye everyone
196s yeah feel free to let us know how you're
198s doing and how your day's going
200s if you want to put in loads of loads of
202s questions into um yeah the chat so we
206s can we can start answering your
207s questions a little bit later
208s um
209s yeah so we're here to talk about the
211s archaeology event um
213s when did it go live couple days ago so
215s you yeah you should have um
218s you should be in the midst of it by now
220s i hope you're enjoying it um i'm jess if
222s you haven't seen me before i'm just i'm
224s one of the game designers for forge
227s and with me do you want to introduce
230s yourself well by now i'm almost like
232s you're a fixture
234s live q a's i'm adam i'm the community
236s management specialist for forage and i'm
238s excited to answer your questions about
240s what is one of my favorite events i
242s killed you event so
244s yeah yeah me too it's super super fun
246s there's like so much going on in the
248s archaeology event so
250s let us dig in paw patrol
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262s what you expect from the title you're
264s basically an explorer or an
267s archaeologist exploring an ancient tomb
269s [Music]
271s um so yeah it's a little bit egyptian
274s style um and yeah you're basically
277s exploring a tomb like going through sand
280s and while you're doing this you're
281s finding lots of stuff and throughout the
283s event which we will get into a little
285s bit later um and how you explore your
288s tomb
290s is um you have
293s scrolls this is the event currency of
295s the event there's like parchment scrolls
298s and you can get parchment scrolls from
300s lots of places you can um get them if
303s you log in every day from from the quest
305s panel and you really need to do this
307s because there's a lot that we give in
309s the in the the daily login
311s and you can get them from completing
312s loads of quests you can get them from
314s incidents throughout your city where
317s else can you get them you can get them
318s from
319s yeah
320s lots i think that's like the main the
321s main bulk and we can also purchase them
323s if you uh you need more and
327s and with these scrolls you can purchase
329s em
331s digging tools or um yeah tools different
334s tools that will help you um go through
336s the tune
337s so you have the brush you have the
341s shovel and you have dynamite super fun
344s you get to blast stuff off
346s and and each of those tools yeah you can
348s purchase for for a certain amount of
350s squirrels you can also buy the bundles
352s of tools and i highly suggest you do
354s this because it's better for you get
355s like more tools for for your scrolls
358s and and yeah each of them like the brush
360s removes one layer of sand or one block
363s of sand and the
365s shovel removes an entire column
368s and then dynamite lasts like a big m
371s square big
373s three by three so three by three yeah
375s um
376s and yeah you can just blast your way
378s through the sand uh going deeper and
379s deeper into the
380s the ancient tomb
383s and um finding lots of stuff in the sand
385s so what can we find in the sand adam
390s oh you can find all kinds of things
391s first golden idols which
394s helps you progress towards the grand
395s prize
396s you can also find tools in the sand you
398s can find buried vases
400s which give you a chance to win daily
402s specials as well as additional rewards
405s you also have clay tablets which are
406s additional side quests uh to win more
409s scrolls i highly advise you
412s as you can
413s because you want to keep getting as many
415s scrolls as possible
417s um
417s gems as well
419s which you can find once per day to open
421s the roar calendar and joker pieces
424s which if you miss a gem and you miss a
426s previous day in the reward calendar um i
428s think we'll highlight the reward counter
429s a little bit later just of course but uh
432s if you miss it you can piece these
433s together and
434s kind of open any slot within the
435s calendar from there so uh there is
437s plenty hiding in the sand within this
439s event
440s yeah loads
442s um there is while you're going through
445s um
446s or progressing through you'll notice
448s that there's different kinds of
450s um
452s tiles i guess um in the in the tomb so
454s there's like the sand ones which um yeah
457s as we or as i mentioned there's lots of
459s stuff hiding hiding underneath it so you
462s can you can remove the sanding and
463s collect them um but there's also big um
467s blocks of of stone and those you can't
469s they're like obstacles you can't um
470s blast them away and there's nothing
472s hiding behind them you just have to like
474s find your way around them and
477s to to keep progressing
479s um but that's yeah that's basically the
481s the the workings of of the core the core
484s loop of the event
486s um and yeah i guess maybe we could go
488s through like to some questions and then
490s after that we could tell you a little
492s bit more about all the other like parts
494s of the event because yeah like we
495s mentioned this there's quite a bit but i
497s guess there's loads of questions
499s yeah i saw one from uh
501s my namesake uh adam
504s who said am i replacing kurt's position
506s the answer to that is
508s uh no no one can replace kurt it would
510s be impossible uh he's he was also a game
513s designer and i'm a community management
514s specialist so
516s still slightly different position but we
518s we all miss kurt anyway so yeah
521s massively we really missed her but
522s that's good that some of you still
524s remember him um
526s yeah
528s um
529s so another one
533s i think
541s do you have any questions guys send them
543s in
544s i saw andrew says um
547s he's he said not necessarily relate to
549s this event but it would be good to have
551s a building somewhere to sunk and
552s treasure or rosarium
553s where you can earn relevant tokens to
556s use in special events
557s that's good feedback
559s we're always looking for ideas um so i'm
561s sure jess you'll
563s know that down as well for future
566s ideas within events perhaps that's
569s actually a really cool idea um yeah
571s maybe we could have some kind of
572s production building that you need during
574s the event and or yeah i guess tokens you
578s mean like event currency um
581s um
585s super yeah super cool really nice idea
588s that was andrew from facebook right yeah
589s yeah
591s um
599s another one from
601s youtube
603s i missed the name apologize for that
605s events uh it says when will you move the
607s instrument panel from the left
609s to the right side of the labyrinth um
612s i assume you mean the kind of
614s panel that shows the tools um
617s and i think it's feedback uh that we can
621s look at and uh need to test and see in
624s terms of our ui our user interface
626s whether that be something
628s that would be beneficial
630s but always happy to have your feedback
632s and to look into things to improve the
633s events overall so
636s yeah i think that's actually an
637s interesting question i'm assuming that
638s you're asking this because
641s you think it's better to have the
644s instruments on the right side which is
645s the the
647s direction that you're progressing
648s through
649s um
650s which is actually it's really really
652s good feedback the only thing i would
654s mention which
655s is maybe
656s just a side note off that is it actually
659s is less beneficial to progress like the
662s further you progress in is sometimes not
665s the best strategy so
667s your strategy should not be
670s um keep going um right or however it is
674s um you know in uh further and further in
677s it should actually be trying as best
680s using your tools to um look or remove
685s um or be able to peek into all the sand
687s tiles that are on your screen because
690s the the distribution of rewards per
693s um on your screen is is always equal as
696s you as you progress um so it's actually
698s better to to utilize your tools in the
700s best way to get as much spread as
702s possible and with
704s using the less than lesson the least
706s amount of tools excuse me
708s um so it shouldn't be a trying to get as
710s fast as possible over um or deepen it
713s deeper into the
714s the tomb of course if you've like that's
717s based on
718s whatever you want from the event so if
720s you're trying to get the the main grand
722s prize which we'll speak about in a
723s little bit and if you're trying to only
726s get this then yeah um if you've
728s collected a lot of the the golden idols
730s and within your screen then yeah
732s probably it's better to to move forward
734s because the likelihood that there's more
736s in that area is probably low if you kept
738s exploring um
740s but yeah if you want to get it like as
742s much as possible that that's just a
744s point as to what maybe maybe why you
746s would want everything on on the right
748s side
750s i think that's what you said right to
751s move everything from the left to the
752s right yeah from the left to the right
755s uh so yeah so just a note from me
761s um so maybe we can we can talk a little
763s bit about the the this year's grand
765s prize because it's always the yeah for a
767s lot of a lot of players an important
769s aspect of the
771s event and and this year we have the
774s butterfly sanctuary
777s set it's not a set like the traditional
780s sets it's more a hybrid set
782s so it's similar to the harvest
785s barn the harvest farm sorry and hybrid
789s set that we had for full um two years
791s ago
792s um and it's a it's a beautiful beautiful
795s building like it's stunning in your city
798s and it's basically a um it's comprised
801s of six different i think i'm saying that
803s right is it six seven
805s it's seven
807s two three four yeah seven different
808s buildings in the set
810s um
811s um someone will correct me in the in the
813s comments i'm sure if i've forgotten that
814s wrong thank you for doing that and yeah
817s i think it's it's it's six buildings
819s it's six six
822s cause they're not six six decorations
824s and the main building
826s in total it's seven okay yeah this is a
828s little okay yeah and uh as part of the
831s the set anyway so you have the um you
834s have the main the main building which is
837s the butterfly house so it's a little
841s beautiful kind of um
842s greenhouse style uh
845s and house and that has six levels and um
850s i think it's six now five levels
852s sorry you can upgrade it five times but
853s it has six bonuses and one for each of
855s the the decoration buildings are not
858s decoration buildings but um
860s extra buildings that you can um attach
862s to the the butterfly house and each of
864s those buildings is like beautiful in its
866s own right they're different um like
869s butterfly gardens uh so yeah you have
871s like um snapdragons miracles all the
874s things that that butterflies enjoy
878s and yeah you basically can collect all
880s of them and you can attach them to um
882s the the main house to get lots of
885s benefits so um each of the buildings
887s provides their own different kind of of
889s benefit or boost um
892s and yeah you can i think like with
895s hybrids with sets or um
897s especially hybrid sets i love because
900s you can you can be as creative as you
902s want you can basically you could
904s build all of them so you could collect
906s from from the um event
908s one of each of the the seven buildings
910s to to create the set as we intended it
912s to be in in terms of like aesthetics but
915s you can also not you can also choose to
918s um
919s you know focus on maybe three of the
921s buildings and um as long as they um
924s max out each of their their boosts or
927s let's say max out as much at the stats
930s to what you want as best as possible
932s and yeah you can be super creative so
934s i've seen like especially online there's
936s so many different um
939s variations um of people trying to do
942s yeah max out the stats um so you know if
944s you want to max it like this building's
945s really good for forge points it's really
947s good for actually it's also
949s damn good for for um
952s uh
954s oh my god english uh attack first so the
956s i think the marigold patch and the
959s snapdragon patch have uh defense for
962s defending armies and attack for
963s attacking army boosts which are
965s generally positive
967s and good boosts to have so
971s certainly something that i myself will
974s prioritize in this set
977s um also a shameless promotion we have a
980s content creator marine cat he's going to
982s create a video
984s which we're going to make widely
986s available
987s later on through an in-game message
989s which discusses the different kind of
991s combinations you can have
993s and combinations based on your play
994s style so if you're interested in more
996s detail on how to get the best out of the
999s set would 100 click on that video and
1001s have a look at it so yeah
1004s that's a really good tip they're really
1005s helpful also if you're confused about um
1007s anything in the game yeah head over
1010s there
1012s um
1013s so yeah you can you can get this this
1015s butterfly sanctuary by um
1018s working your way through uh the grand
1020s prize system so you by collecting the
1022s golden idols um and yeah you can get um
1025s a full building by by being really
1028s active in in the um event make sure
1031s you're completing all the quests we
1032s always say this but um yeah you have to
1034s complete all the quests you need to um
1036s log in every day and then you uh yeah
1040s we'll be good
1041s um
1043s what else can we say there's also you um
1046s from a daily spell
1048s how many days has it been no five days
1049s five days since it's live yeah like you
1051s can also get the the building the grand
1053s prize building from last year which was
1055s like
1056s the massive fan favorite the the the
1058s ferris wheel
1060s people it's also one of my favorites
1062s yeah i absolutely love that building
1064s yeah everyone loves it
1067s um it's a hard one to follow with the
1069s with the butterfly sanctuary right
1074s so yeah
1075s that's the grand prize for this year so
1077s let's let's see if we have some more
1079s questions by now um
1083s so helen from youtube says once you have
1085s your daily gym should you stop digging
1088s that's a really good question yeah nice
1091s so we have the ad i
1095s that's winter wrong season we have um
1098s the the reward calendar this year in in
1100s archaeology um and
1103s this basically um
1104s yeah um a
1106s free um if you're very active a a reward
1110s once a day that you can get from from
1112s the calendar so if you're super active
1114s and you're um exploring the the tomb you
1116s will find
1117s golden
1118s gems and if you pick up and collect a
1121s golden gem it will
1124s open the the the kind of like um gem
1127s slot of the day on the calendar and you
1129s get a reward
1130s and you can um only find one golden gem
1133s once a day
1134s um in the in the the tomb in the sand
1138s and then after you found it each day you
1140s can find if you keep playing you can
1142s find um
1144s joker gems which is something adam
1146s mentioned uh earlier it's not joker
1148s damned like little
1150s gem shards they're kind of multicolored
1152s and if you collect five of those it will
1154s make a full golden gem for for the
1157s calendar so if you missed a day for
1159s example where you you you couldn't play
1162s and you didn't get the the golden gem of
1163s the day you can just use your your
1166s gem shards to create a and a full gem
1168s and use that
1170s and the reason why you would want to do
1172s that is because if you complete the full
1173s calendar you get like an awesome
1176s calendar collection um or completion
1178s reward which is i think it's two
1180s selection kits for the main um grand
1182s prize uh building it has a bunch of
1185s forge points a bunch of goods and it
1187s also has an avatar i think the avatar is
1190s really cool
1191s um and she's called aurora yeah she's
1194s pretty cool aurora
1196s she's really cool looking at
1198s speaking of avatars actually yeah
1201s we mentioned we actually gave a tease um
1203s last time in our live q a i would be
1206s featured as an avatar and this event i
1210s am there so you can find me as a
1213s quest reward
1214s my name is apprentice archaeologist uh
1218s not adam but it is me um
1221s i think the artists did a good job
1222s because they made me slightly less
1224s ginger and better looking
1226s uh so they did great work uh but yeah if
1230s if you're
1230s you know playing the event you might
1232s find me so true i have to i have to
1236s complete name the the questline to get
1238s it that's really true yeah have you are
1241s you going to try your best or have you
1243s already successfully gotten it
1245s yeah i'm i'm on that journey your way
1248s yeah yeah actually that's here after
1249s five days it would be hard to complete
1250s everyone but yeah i mean it's i think
1253s you can do that yeah
1256s um
1257s okay cool actually and yeah on that note
1259s of avatars there's also a really cool
1261s another one called the scarab lord he's
1264s he's
1265s kind of
1266s creepy but cool looking and you can get
1268s him um when you complete uh the tablet
1271s um museum is it the music museum type
1274s tablet library yeah it's the tablet
1276s collection award yeah a tablet
1278s collection yeah historian historian
1280s historian historian reward and and what
1283s that is is basically
1286s in the
1287s um
1288s in the sand you will also find
1291s uh what would we call them are they like
1294s stone tablets stone
1296s ancient
1297s uh stone tablets that you would find um
1300s and when you find these they're they're
1302s of different
1303s uh rarities so if you collect all of
1306s them i think um the others there's like
1308s common rare um epic tablets that you can
1311s you can collect
1312s um and yeah like the
1314s the higher rarities are really hard to
1316s find um but they are there
1318s and yeah each of those um will unlock
1321s its own a unique quest line and then it
1324s has like some text a story in it and but
1326s most importantly it also provides lots
1328s of um scrolls so it's also a really good
1331s idea to collect lots of tablets and
1333s start everything like um do all the
1335s quest lines for everything at once and
1337s sometimes you get
1338s quests that um complete you know
1341s different um quest lines or success
1343s conditions at that complete different
1345s questlines and then you get lots of
1347s scrolls and that helps a lot and and
1349s then yeah if you can collect them all
1351s you can get the scarab lord there's also
1353s a bunch of tools you can get as well
1356s uh so yeah that's another part of
1358s archaeology event there's lots going on
1361s on the subject of avatars um
1364s uh
1365s my name's sake as well adam um
1368s said asks if you have an avatar and i
1370s believe you do is space age venus your
1372s avatar is in uh jess yes and she's
1376s awesome
1377s she does look pretty cool she's really
1378s cool uh she doesn't really look i mean
1381s yeah blonde hair but she's really really
1384s cool
1385s i'm i'm not there yet
1388s it's life goals yeah right
1390s one day um
1391s um but yeah she's really cool maybe
1395s maybe you'll see her you if you can find
1397s her post her in in the in the comments
1401s you can also state which avatar you
1403s prefer minor jets you can have a little
1404s competition i think
1408s i think jess wins but
1412s i don't have an i don't have an event
1414s avatar though so i might actually just
1416s sneakily put myself in there um and
1418s maybe i haven't even put the the
1420s designers in an event avatar so i
1422s actually think you are quite unique
1424s right now with event ah
1427s i like this
1428s i mean you have the power i have
1429s something
1431s yeah maybe we could also do um like a
1434s player competition
1436s for avatars
1437s we will talk about that
1439s um so yeah let's go into some more
1442s questions
1445s are so gary gary asks are vases dropped
1447s randomly or are they planned um they are
1451s a great question so the the event um
1454s like
1455s what you see when you're playing the
1456s event is generated and there's like you
1458s know some rules on all the different
1460s rewards that um can can pop up
1463s but and they drop
1465s randomly um they're i i'm not sure what
1469s you mean by are they planned but um yeah
1471s they're they're
1473s dropped they have waiting with all the
1474s other um rewards
1476s they're they're around
1478s there's no funny business going on in
1479s the background
1482s i saw a question from martha
1484s so she asked what is the best tool to
1488s buy and is it worth buying packages um
1492s i would say
1494s all of the tools are useful i i know
1497s that's maybe a bit of a cop-out as an
1499s answer in terms of what you're expecting
1500s but really it's quite situational um and
1503s i think
1505s for instance a shovel can be really
1506s useful especially if you see a column
1508s that's unblocked
1510s and you can get the most out of it
1512s it's worth using brushes to clear up a
1514s space open up visibility once nothing in
1516s in that area
1518s dynamite can be really useful uh just to
1520s like open up a whole corner of the map
1524s to see what's there
1525s um so i would say like use all the tools
1528s and find different ways to use them in
1530s terms of the packages i also prefer to
1532s buy these individually because i think
1534s you get better value for your scrolls
1537s that way
1538s so that would be my recommendation is
1540s use the packages and
1542s find out which tools
1543s help best for you in which situations
1549s and there is
1551s a uh terry on youtube says will the
1555s ferris wheel selection or upgrade could
1556s be a daily prize again or was the first
1559s day the only chance yeah great question
1562s um like we mentioned the ferris wheel
1564s was yeah it was really popular um and um
1568s all we can ever say is just keep an eye
1571s out who knows
1573s um but yeah
1575s just just keep your eye we are your eye
1577s on the the daily specials
1579s and also another thing for some some new
1581s players we have a button called the
1584s button called a button and that
1586s is the daily switch so you can also if
1588s you if you're not into the
1590s the the daily special of that day you
1591s can press the button um only once per
1593s day
1594s it's not unlimited only once per day it
1596s um it will change it for another reward
1599s in the pool in the daily special list so
1601s sometimes you're lucky sometimes you're
1602s unlucky
1603s um but yeah it's always worth doing if
1606s you're not super stoked on on the
1608s daily special
1611s yeah
1614s and more stuff chris on facebook says
1617s jess your avatar should be in the st
1619s patrick's event that's so true and
1621s unfortunately we just kind of did st
1623s patrick's day i will do it for next year
1625s that's great yes there you go i will do
1628s that
1634s um
1635s okay some more questions because we're
1636s running out of time
1640s [Music]
1643s ah so astrid said are you going to add
1646s more avatars of historic characters how
1649s do you decide to include
1651s super good question
1652s um actually this was something where we
1655s we had uh recently the 10th anniversary
1657s of ford and we did a a whole new event
1660s and can you believe 10 years we did a
1662s whole um event for ford and for that one
1665s we had because we had so many questions
1667s or not questions um
1668s pleads of of having old um avatars and
1672s especially the historic historical
1674s questline avatars available again and so
1677s we did that for that event we yeah it
1679s was possible to get like nearly every
1681s old event building or cool cool um
1684s buildings
1685s and avatars as well from from back over
1689s the years um and from what i hear was
1692s you guys liked it which was which was
1694s really nice to see um so
1697s i think we will definitely try and do
1699s this again also the historical quest
1700s lines were super popular and so yeah we
1703s will try and at least from the event
1705s side i will try and incorporate them a
1706s little bit more and how we usually
1707s decided yeah
1709s just interesting interesting historical
1711s figures right right and
1714s history um
1716s do you have a specific one you'd like to
1718s see jess uh also in the chat if you guys
1720s have any
1721s any suggestions feel free to throw them
1723s out dude i'm excited to see to be honest
1726s there was loads covered like i would
1728s have loved there was the marilyn monroe
1729s one there was um
1731s i think you there was even like a romeo
1732s and juliet one or cleopatra like there's
1735s been really cool ones
1737s which i didn't i wasn't around i didn't
1739s play foreign so um
1741s i was kind of sad to miss those um
1743s but yeah there was there's so many there
1746s was einstein there was
1748s shakespeare who else was there
1750s yeah so many so
1753s one day let's we'll bring them back we
1754s get the questions all the time so yeah
1758s terry has actually given a question that
1760s i
1761s i'm thrilled to answer he's he's saying
1763s given that we have a soccer event which
1765s teams do i support
1766s um
1768s i'm afraid to tell you that this is
1769s probably going to mean that some of you
1771s will take an active dislike to me but
1773s i'm an arsenal fan
1774s a big arsenal fan so uh you know
1777s hopefully some of you like this news and
1780s others well uh i apologize
1785s i had uh
1787s dare who
1788s wolford on on facebook just wrote we all
1791s had
1792s jimi hendrix also uh questline this is
1794s so cool
1796s ah and then we i just saw another one
1798s where's wally event that would be great
1801s that's a great idea
1804s might have to take that name to the next
1806s brainstorm i mean that's really cool
1808s like a where's
1810s in a bird where is bert
1812s and bird
1814s i i mean i'd play it i would play it
1819s thanks joe
1822s come on one couple more questions
1825s um there was one from uh stuart and
1828s deborah he said do you need to uncover
1830s every block
1831s um no you don't need to uncover every
1834s block um it's kind of part of the
1836s strategy to kind of uh you know
1839s find out
1840s and uncover certain areas and then kind
1843s of use your tools to go after the items
1845s that you might prefer
1848s it's it's probably
1849s impossible to do every single block um
1852s so it's kind of more that's how the
1854s strategy event comes in is more how you
1856s use your tools and kind of which items
1858s you go after
1864s um ron says how can i guarantee a maxed
1867s out
1868s butterfly house um
1871s i would say i'll answer the question on
1873s how to max out the butterfly sanctuary
1875s like i said again you need to the
1877s the amount of butter the amount of
1879s butterfly sanctuary you're building um
1881s kids that you can earn levels that you
1883s can get is based on the amount of
1885s scrolls that you are um
1888s collecting and then from those those
1890s scrolls how efficient you buy tools
1894s that's why adam mentioned brief um
1896s earlier to make sure that you're you're
1898s buying the the bundles because it's the
1901s most efficient like
1902s save a lot of your scrolls and then and
1905s buy the bundles because you get um more
1907s tools for your for your money your
1909s scrolls so that's really important so
1913s to be the most efficient collectors as
1915s much so complete as many quests as you
1917s can these side quests tablet quests and
1919s to collect loads and loads of um scrolls
1922s uh and then you can you progress through
1926s the grand prize of collecting lots and
1927s lots of idols golden idols and competing
1930s all the quests you get um i think it's
1933s three or four um
1935s levels of the the building
1937s and then you yeah you you will get um
1940s you will get
1941s um a full building as we and we intended
1945s it to be so the the main house with the
1948s six uh sub buildings
1950s so yeah you just gotta
1953s be persistent
1955s anyhow be efficient
1958s i i wanted to have one more
1961s question well it was more of a feedback
1962s which is uh from adam saying uh
1965s complimenting moving cats in his videos
1968s i agree i'm also a big fan of his videos
1971s and they helped me a lot in terms of
1973s doing different setups and
1975s he really dives into details and
1977s provides good detail and
1979s um
1980s yeah
1981s we very much would like to promote his
1983s content as much as possible so yeah i
1985s can also please tune in from the dev
1987s team too like that a lot of the dev team
1989s watch watch the videos too um it's it's
1991s really it's like really good
1994s um
1995s well explained information on on the
1997s game so yeah couldn't agree more
2001s i think we're out of time jess
2003s unfortunately never enough time ah it
2006s always goes by super fast isn't it yeah
2008s yeah
2010s all right um well thank you for joining
2012s us today and uh i think we'll catch you
2015s next time in the wildlife event
2017s answering your questions there so we
2019s won't be too long until we see each
2020s other again
2021s yeah
2023s super nice until then
2025s see you later forge friends
2027s bye everyone
2065s you