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0s Hello Forge Fans!
2s The biggest event of the year returns  to Forge of Empires in January!
6s In this year's Forge Bowl, you will  send Cal Rogers and the InnoForgers  
10s back onto the field to claim  the Grand Prize for your city.
13s But before we will join the team,  
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24s Cal Rogers, the quarterback  of the InnoForgers returns to  
28s your city with his team so they can  compete for you in the Forge Bowl.
31s Complete his tasks to collect  Footballs and the first Upgrade  
35s Kits as milestones for the new main building.
37s In the event window, you can use the  Footballs to execute your next plays,  
41s crossing the field to score a Touchdown.
44s Each pass gives you a choice of three players,  all with chances to win different prizes,  
48s as well as always a chance  for the current Daily Special.
51s If you score a touchdown you  will receive the Grand Prize!
55s In addition to the Grand Prizes, you can also  unlock the Bowl Prizes with a one-time investment!
60s Among them are new exclusive items,  like the Epic Forge Bowl 2023 Kit,  
65s where you can choose between buildings and  Upgrade Kits from all previous Forge Bowl events!
70s There are also new Acceleration  Items that allow you to instantly  
73s complete the production of any special  building or goods building, for example.
77s Additionally, there are also unique avatars  and fragments for accelerators of ALL special  
82s buildings or goods productions,  as well as the Epic Selection Kit!
86s Among the Grand Prizes are also regular upgrade  kits for the new main building, the Pergola!
91s This has 11 stages with a selectable final stage  
95s where you can choose between  the Pizzeria and the Bistro.
98s Both produce attack power for your attacking army,  Medals, Supplies, when motivated Goods and Forge  
104s Points, but differ in the amount of Goods and  Forge Points, as well as the additional benefits.
108s If you want to get even more out  of your players' performance,  
112s you can choose different Coaches on the field.
114s These give you a 3% chance to get  double the price from the player,  
118s run an extra yard on every pass, get a 5%  higher chance of the daily price, earn double  
124s points in the League Table or even all these  effects at once if you want to spend Diamonds.
129s However, except for the Default  Coach, all coaches have a duration  
133s of 24h with a subsequent cool down  of another 24h, so choose wisely!
138s Every yard you cover will be recorded in  the League Table and the best players in  
142s the world will receive additional winnings  for their placement at the end of the event.
146s Are you ready to send the InnoForgers  out onto the field once more?
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156s See you on the field!