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Embark on a journey like no other with the Guild Expedition Challenge, ingeniously crafted by our own Baron Alaric Ironsoul. With the spotlight on one of the most cherished features, the Guild Expedition, this challenge is not merely about your prowess in combat or negotiation.

For 48 hours, starting on 9th of July, delve into an experience that will indirectly bolster your guild's quest for the esteemed Guild Expedition Championship.​

Prepare to engage in a challenge that will test your wit, strategy, and endurance. This is a golden opportunity to prove your mettle and claim victory in the face of adversity. The Baron's contest is designed for those who thrive under pressure and aspire to achieve greatness amidst the challenges.

Exclusive Rewards Await:
The spoils of this quest are as magnificent as the challenge itself. Successful competitors can look forward to enriching their empires with rare treasures and enhancements.

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Forge your legacy. Let the challenge begin!