Transcript (by Youtube)

0s Hello Forge Fans!
2s The beloved Guild Expedition  gets a long-awaited update!
5s Watch this short teaser to get a quick rundown  of the brand-new -- Guild Expedition level 5!
11s Before we get to it, please join our beta  server NOW to play the new releases early!
21s Let's start with the basics – the new map.
23s If you've ever played Guild Expedition level 4,  
26s you are familiar with the map  that shows high volcanic activity.
30s Those dark, hostile days are  gone and gave way to a lush,  
34s green jungle thriving on  the fertile volcanic soil.
37s Just like previous levels, the new map features  encounters players must solve to progress.
42s But here's the catch: on the newest fifth level,  
46s you will need to defend your position  instead of attacking the enemy forces!
50s Don't worry; you can still negotiate.
53s But if you prefer to showcase your military power,  
56s the new level offers a great chance  to make use of your defense stats.
60s Search your Inventory for the defense  boosts and get ready to protect the new map!
64s If you're not sure about your units' defensive  abilities, we have a solution for you!
67s The level 5 encounters offer a possibility to  build Fortifications -- defensive structures that  
74s can boost various stats of your army or make  negotiations easier -- all to help you win!
79s And with new mechanics come new rewards!
82s Achievements, avatars, and, of  course, new reward buildings.
87s The most active defenders will get a chance  
90s to acquire a mysterious and  powerful Forgotten Temple.
93s But while the Temple stands hidden in the jungle,  
96s we can already show you our most unique looking  building to date -- the Feathered Serpent!
102s This upgradable building uses a chain mechanic,  where parts of the Serpent's body act as chain  
107s elements, allowing you to customize the look  of the building and the bonuses it provides.
112s The Serpent will be available as one  of the many Guild Expedition rewards.
116s Gather your forces and stay tuned for the live  release of the Guild Expedition level 5!
122s And in the meantime, it is already  available on our Beta server.
126s Go check it out now!
127s You’ll find the link in the  description of the video.