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Originally posted by gh0stly2

very confused as to how epic is saying theres a problem with crew members not receiving their vbucks on jan 1, the crew released on dec 2 so how would anyones billing date be jan 1

In this case, the status tweet went out at 9:30 pm ET, which would technically be January 2 in UTC time. We continue to look into the issue noted in the tweet.

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Originally posted by MeatballJones2

How long do you reckon we’ll have to wait for the V Bucks? I’m pretty sure all of the Crew Members counted on having those V Bucks now and some of us are losing our opportunity to purchase things in the shop that we could have purchased had the V Bucks (a virtual currency may I remind you) not been delayed.

Looking into - we will update everyone as soon as possible.

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Originally posted by Y0lkEgg

Ok i have a question, if i got the crew on Dec 2nd, should i have gotten my v bucks on Jan 1st or would i have to get the pack again? Cause i got green arrow on the 1st when it was my last day of the crew

You would have received Green Arrow first. It went out to some players as early as December 31 because it would have been January 1 UTC time.

The best way to keep track is to refer to the Fortnite Crew in-game tab. We will also update this Fortnite Status tweet when we have a resolution.

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Originally posted by Riki4646

Can you investigate the fact that some languages are bugged making you unable to switch radio channels?

What language are you having an issue with?

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