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  1. Open the Menu in the top corner
  2. Select ‘Reporting/Feedback’
  3. Check the ‘Report A Bug’ option
  4. Select the appropriate categories to describe the bug you’re experiencing.

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Description Reports of intermittent disappearance of whirlpools in Arena/custom matches.

Platforms All

Discussion Reddit

JIRA FORT-298708

That's incredibly cool.

How's everyone feel about the deployable workbenches?

Update (June 25, 2020) The team continues to look at new ways to tackle Challenges together. We’ll share more info when we can.

Originally posted by Lordmaster241

Tell me that I'm wrong but aren't you supposed to be on vacation or something

Yes :)

Summer Splash isn't over. It will go through the season and more LTMs on the way

Thanks for sharing the clip. Will share with folks on our team.

04 Jul

Originally posted by kyloren1110

This is awesome, makes me wanna get back into Lego/BIONICLE

Yeah... wow! More pics!!

Love that back bling!

Originally posted by Hashim25ay

Or Burger

I guess olive them would win ;)

Originally posted by Brookymthr

But.. They didn't do anything wrong..

Our intent is to have items disabled, and in some cases, that did not appear to be the case.

Originally posted by [deleted]


Thanks for the heads up. We've made an update that should prevent folks from doing this, but we'll keep eyes on it.

Originally posted by ScoutOnMobile

I got this same glitch last season and posted it here

Thanks for posting again. Letting folks on the team know you guys are seeing this.

Description Floating rings around Lazy Lake may be invisible on some platforms with Low settings.

Platforms Mobile, PC

Discussion Reddit

JIRA FORT-297510

Originally posted by MrYuin

I cant even see the rings

We're investigating this issue. We'll update stats on the trello card here.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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