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u/CatBlips_Epic please check this out.

Hey thanks! It seems not everyone is experiencing these issues (I know I haven't and I mainly play mobile). Could we gather what devices people are playing on who do experience these?


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Yes I have read it, and I'm asking if it's important or not because I can't reinstall it because I have limited internet in my country

Looks like you need to reinstall and something went wonky with your file when you updated. Sorry for the bad news

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Description We’re aware of an issue with Med-Mist where picking up a new item while the mist canister hits 0 may cause you to no longer perform any actions that match.

Please finish applying Med-Mist before swapping it out.

This should be resolved in a hotfix shortly.


Check your system's clock, it may be set too far in the future or past resulting in this black screen.



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Hey thank you! It appears to be working now! Should I delete this post or leave it up?

If you leave it then others who may have the problem will find it and know how to fix it, so just leaving it is fine. Happy it worked for you!


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When attempting to log in a white screen appears that I can’t get past. But to other players I appear in the lobby. I can hear them and they can hear me but I get just a blank white screen. This is while playing on PlayStation 4.

Heya! Can you try and restart the game and then see if you still get it? It should be fixed now.


Hey u/alexia420x and u/ghostikins this should be fixed now. Just restart the game and float on in to the new Island!


Heya, everyone! If you are experiencing this same issue can you please select to report a bug so we can grab your logs and look into this? Please let me know if you do. Thanks!


Heya u/SpoookyGouda! Not an ideal solution but if you delete the game and then download fresh it should fix this for you


Downtime has ended and Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped is here!

Learn more about Chapter 3 Season 1 here: [Link to Blog] but here are some things you can expect to see:

New Locations

The Island has new places to discover! The first thing you may notice is the western half’s snow-covered Wintery biome or, perhaps the first thing you may notice is the desert in the South (complete the Butter Barn). Maybe something else will catch your attention first - you can be sure there is a whole new Island ready to explore

Mobility Maneuvers

Running downhill? Try sliding to up your speed and evade enemy fire! While sliding, you still possess the abilities to shoot and build. Hold the crouch button while running to begin a slide, whether running downhill or not.

Arena Hype Reset

With a new Chapter we’re not delaying the start of the Hype reset. This will only happen for ...

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