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Description: We’re aware that the health & shield bar may not correspond to actual numerical values after taking damage.

Jira: FORT-500273



Pretty good run, if you can pull off a 0.5x A Press when the Snap miniboss appears I think you can shave off some time :P


We're investigating an issue with Gifting items that we're tracking on our Status twitter here:

and we'll provide an update when this is resolved, allowing you to gift again, and thank you for your patience as we work to fix it.

Hey /r/FortniteBR, Update v21.40 is live and the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event is here!

Power up with new 'Power Unleashed!' quests and items, drop into the returning Lazy Lagoon, and check out the newly renovated Tilted Towers. Full details in our blog posts here:

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