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Basically my account got stolen 2 years ago (yeah i know it's A LOT of time but let me explain) by some a-hole who hijacked my email. I was able to get my email back but sadly, the guy changed emails in the account. I was barely playing the game back then and was prettt tired of everything so i just moved on and assumed that was the last time i was gonna see my account. Recently i started to feel nostalgic for the game and all the memories i had with the acc again so i wanna see if i can get it back. As i said, i have tge original email of the account. I still have the same IP adress as ever. I still have some of the receipts of the purchases, and i'm pretty sure i have some screenshots of the account somewhere. Only thing that bothers me is the fact that 2 years have passed since it was stolen from me and that the guy changed emails. Do you think i can still get it back? And how should i contact Epic to get it back? Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me

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Thank you very much bro. I was already told that Epic is not very good at retrieving accounts.

Hey u/Significant_Army4286! Did you get it all sorted?