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Backstory: I used to play Fortnite on PlayStation many years ago, but haven’t played since then. That is, until recently when I got a PC and played Fortnite with some friends. Now, I tried to login with my PlayStation account, as I figured this would be the option that would recover all of my previously purchased in-game items, battle pass unlocks, etc. However, none of them were there when I finally logged in and created an epic account. My next option was to contact Epic support. In the first chat, I was told that there were two epic accounts associated with that gamertag/PSN username. I was then told to try to login to the original epic account associated with the PSN. Fine, expect I can’t remember ever making an account. I recall just logging in with my PlayStation and off I went, but I could be wrong on this. So, Epic support tells me that they are sending a recovery email to the email address associated on the account. I check all three emails… nothing. So I ask support to resend the email. Well, after this I was informed that there was some suspicious activity detected on that account and that support would not be able to proceed with account recovery/help. The chat abruptly ended. I tried another support agent, and they wouldn’t help either.

Basically, I’m screwed and all the money I have spent on Fortnite is gone. If Epic won’t help it’s customers on something like this, that is wrong on so many levels.

Now, if I’ve messed up somewhere here and don’t know it, I’m happy to try to fix this. Therefore, any suggestion would be accepted and appreciated.

TLDR: logged into Fortnite after a few years, lost all my stuff, Epic support won’t help.

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Hi, u/nrcntx I have reached out to grab some more information from you about this.

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