With the v16.10 release, we’re releasing an update to enhance our player experience for the Nintendo Switch. Specifically, we’re upgrading the renderer on the Nintendo Switch to make better use of the console’s GPU.

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GPU Performance and Resolution Boost for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

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u/Freighttrainusa while this is fantastic news, and I’m really happy with the improvements, does this mean that we can expect some news considering physics soon? It’s been so long, and things really need to be fixed. People have invested thousands of dollars into their cosmetics and some are pretty much unusable. Love the update, it’s really really awesome you guys keep finding ways to improve our experience! Please extend my sincerest thanks to everyone responsible

The folks working on physics are a totally different team, this was more on the dev/engineering side to make this happen. I wanted to try to include something about cosmetics into this blog, but really couldnt find the spot.

The art/physics team working on that side is still working on bringing the switch into parity with other platforms when it comes to skins. This update should/could help things down the line when it comes to cosmetic stuff.