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My sons both play fortnite. One uses a login via nintendo as his account was setup on switch, the other logs in directly via the epic games link. The one with the switch login also plays on the same account on his PC and it always automatically logged in with the correct account up to now.

For some random reason the pc has started logging into the wrong account and is stuck in a loop and I can't log it out. When I click on the 'login with nintendo account' link it automatically logs into the 'epic games' login - the wrong account. If I log out and back in it still does it. It won't let me put in a password or anything, it just does it automatically and there's no apparent way to check the details it's logging into. I've tried uninstalling the epic launcher, but its still doing if after reinstall. It's doing it on edge when I try to log into the epic games site directly, even though I can't find the password saved anywhere in edge. When I log out and log back in it still logs into the wrong account. Its logging into the same account via the two different login options (so I know I've not make a mistake and got the two mixed up!). I've cleared all the passwords and caches in edge.

What can I do?

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Hey u/Rachel1978! I would try clearing your cache and then trying again. If it still doesn't allow you to log in. reach out to an agent in the player support team so they can check the linking of the accounts is all accurate for you. You can reach out to them at fn.gg/support.