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I never watched Power Rangers as a kid...

I don't remember it looking like this, though.

05 May


When the camo works so well even you don't know where you are :O

28 Apr


Originally posted by Zirofal

I only have direct installed.

I also run the game in borderless and I have yet to try and just change to fullscreen and back and see if that fixes it.

Thank you for the response, sounds like a plan. I'll mention the issue in the original thread to the team and let us know please if anything changes with the borderless / fullscreen switch.


Hi there, are you experiencing this on Vulkan, DirectX or both? Because the team is investigating a performance issue that might be related to this, so any additional info is highly appreciated.

27 Apr

26 Apr


The Friend Pass is currently deactivated. If you're getting a message mentioning it in-game, could you link a screenshot here or DM me it? I will pass it on to the team so they can have a check.

24 Apr


Congrats, Ghost! Definitely something to be proud of. :)

22 Apr


Originally posted by OverlordV13

Crosscum where tho?

Never gonna happen, but crosscom maybe.


Loud and clear, it is something the team is looking into.


I'll send this to the team. I'll bring up the rolled-sleeves topic again with them, as this will touch on that.

15 Apr

14 Apr


Originally posted by Dark_Chris_6

Secret op with Bowman? Yesssss. Thanks Ubisoft for continuing to support Breakpoint!

BTW if it's the biggest dlc yet it has to be Moa Island.

Not Moa Island, but would love to hear everyone's guesses. 👀


Originally posted by _MaZ_

Moa Island gonna be opened up?

Unfortunately, Moa Island is not something that will be included with this upcoming content. :/


Originally posted by AugustoRudzinski

A dedicated quest log will also be available for you to experiment with the new AI squad

Oh yeah now that's hot

Also maybe Moa Island with the operation? 😉

For transparency, I can share that Moa Island will not be part of the content available for 2021.


Awesome work! Since you've gotten this far with all the classes, do you have a favorite between them?



13 Apr

12 Apr


Originally posted by DewyMossEmpire

Ok so this is cool, but FALL? Can we please get some patches in between for bugs and smaller features??

There will be bug fixes, etc. with these updates as well. Wish I could provide you with further info than "FALL" right now, but that is currently what we have. As soon as we can provide further insight, we will. :)


Originally posted by pushECX

Looking at the image they posted in the article, does anyone else think that the blacked out part underneath "Operation" says "Motherland"? Could it be the final operation that'll tie up the game's storyline and Nomad makes it off Auroa?

You have to look at that specific image, because it seems the one posted in this announcement thread and the one posted on the Ghost Recon news blog have different compression and you can't see it as well. This could also just be some weird compression artifact, lol.

Edit: Here's an enhanced image where it's easier to see.

Edit 2: Here's a ...

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Good eye.


Originally posted by MalodorousFiend

Also, a question: are there other live events and related content drops planned, or does their absence here indicate those are being scaled back/canned?

If you guys need to stay focused on delivering "the big one" in the fall instead I'm totally down with that, but (as a certain other post in this thread pointed out) two updates for the whole year would feel a tad sparse.

These are the two big updates that we do currently have planned. Albeit, these updates will also include bug fixes, updates, and more. You'll learn more about what each TU includes closer to the release dates. :)

When do they post?

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