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Wonderful stuff!! Or should I say WHOLESOME! <3

18 Nov

16 Nov


Hey Ghosts,

An issue with the visuals on the ACR Brown weapon skin has been reported to us, our development team is working hard come up with a fix to deploy as soon as possible.

Also the players that previously purchased this weapon skin through the in-game store are going to receive 700 Ghosts Coins to their account.

Thank you so much for your patience and your overall positive reaction to Operation Motherland's content!

/The Ghost Recon Team

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12 Nov

10 Nov

08 Nov


Hey Ghosts, we have decided to temporarily remove the ACR Brown from the store as some of you are having issues with it. We will let you all know as soon as possible how we plan to move forward with a fix.

Thank you for your understanding, we hope you are all enjoying Operation Motherland!

– The Ghost Recon Community Team

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05 Nov


Originally posted by nubesuko

Thanks,I'm so honored got a compliment from one of the developers. In spite of being with the limitation of manpower,budget,and amount of time etc,all of you undoubtedly archived a wonderful job right here,and I can't help but recognize and respect all of your efforts put in this FREE update to make Breakpoint better.

I'll be supportive of this game as long as you treat the Ghostrecon franchise and it's fanbase in the way they should be.

And from this Motherland update,I strongly felt that the devs,you people have been actually listening to what the community says,and trying to meet their demands as much as possible. Thanks for your ongoing support on this game.I'm proud of being a fan of this game.

For our developers, your support and your appreciation of the game (so their work) means the world.
Again, thank you for sharing and speaking so positively about Ghost Recon. :)
I'm passing your message on to the team!

04 Nov


We absolutely love your photo!
Thank you for sharing and for your nice words! :)