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25 Nov

24 Nov


Originally posted by Militant_Worm

It was a lot of fun man, although someone on the team definitely has a bit of a sadistic streak with some of those challenges!

Glad you enjoyed them bud!! And thanks for the feedback XD


NICE! Congrats bud <3


Hey there, thanks for the feedback! I don't see this as something we should focus on, since you can choose not to fast travel - the added value of this feature isn't much to the player. However, if you and the rest of the community think it should be implemented, then we will push it forward to the team :)

23 Nov


Hey all, sorry for the unclear message, kindly find more info below:

On December 14th, 2020, the Predator missions will be removed from Ghost Recon Wildlands. Predator items and rewards unlocked by players prior to that time will be kept in the player inventory.

20 Nov


Originally posted by Low-Touch-128

Most other Tops / T-shirts (like Rolled-up Sleeves Shirt / Pocket Tee / Pioneer Top and more) also have circumcision problems with the concealed Safariland P1 vest on the back, which occurs during slow to fast squatting movements and when squatting.

With some vests in combination with Backpacks, you can see sometimes more, sometimes less heavily floating shoulder straps and backside floating. (like Architect Vest / Armored Vest / BLACKHAWK S.T.R.I.K.E. etc - with Airtight Pack / Maritime Operations Pack / Tac Taylor Hydration Pack and more)

Some shoes (like Paladin Nine Boots / BLACKHAWK Trident Boots / BLACKHAWK Terrain Mid Boots / Self-Fastening Ankle Boots etc) disproportionately small / short compared to others and also have floating trouser legs if these cannot be tucked into the boots.

The healing animation is sometimes not carried out shortly after reloading, although the syringe is audibly used but is not effective.

And these stocks, random ...

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Thanks for the detailed comment! It's good to be able to share this info from players first hand. We can certainly look into these.


Originally posted by antoineflemming

While you're fixing the Sam Fisher googles not staying down while in Photomode, fix the night vision goggles not staying down as well.

Also, the shemagh still causes mesh problems with certain tops, like the Crye Combat Shirt. It's deforming the shirt around the neck. You tried fixing it, but it still has some deformation issues.

There's also some mesh issue with the standard Humvee-looking vehicle.

Thanks for sharing! We can look into it. If you ever have photos that you'd like to share, of issues like these, feel free to @ mention me. :)


Originally posted by Bowiem1984

Got in an exoshell the other day and the top turret had the same glitch as the arm stretch. Still worked fine, but the turret was stretched out into three pieces. Happened in mt hodgson if that helps.

Good to know! I'll add this as a note to the issue so the team is aware.


Originally posted by MagnesiumHappy

Thank you guys for making these known issue threads! It's greatly appreciated.

As others have mentioned before, backpacks and their straps will float above certain vests. The full list of vests affected are: Commissar Coat, Architect Vest, Armored Dual Harness Vest, Armored Vest, BLACKHAWK S.T.R.I.K.E. Shoulder Pads, BLACKHAWK S.T.R.I.K.E. Vest, and Tactical Riot Vest.

Another visual bug I would like to report is that the front/chest area of the Wolf Armor and Silverback Vest are flattened. It's noticeable when compared to other similar vests like the Walker Vest, Pioneer Vest, and Golem Cape. This results in the Silverback Vest's mags floating over the vest.

Edit: these*

Absolutely! We can certainly look into these issues. I'll keep a note of the individual mentions on this thread in particular.


Originally posted by LostinTirol

Since the most recent update, the G28 wilderness doesn't load the correct texture for me and instead loads in with a neon pink texture.

Hey! There's currently a workaround for this. If you go into your customization menu for Teammates and reapply/change the paint for the G28 it should fix it. Currently, this is an issue we are looking into.


Originally posted by PandaNerd1337

One of them did, gotta admit it's pretty close

That looks awesome! What software did you use?

And remember, there are no mistakes. Just happy little accidents. :)



Please find below the known issues list. In addition to the issues noted below, we are relying on your feedback to help us be reactive and prioritize anything pressing that arises. We’ll do everything we can to provide you with visibility into the timing as soon as possible.


  • AI Teammate weapon camos can reverse back to default upon game restart.
    • Our team is currently investigating the issue.


  • Additional pouch will sometimes be visible on Hill’s Vest from certain distances.
    • Our team is working on implementing a fix for the next TU.
  • Sam Fisher goggles do not stay down over character’s eyes when entering Photo Mode.
    • Our team is currently investigating the issue.
  • Walking animation can appear unnatural when going up a slight incline.
    • Our team is working on implementing a fix for the next TU.
    • ...
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