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Originally posted by Fariborz_R

Yeah I kinda remembered I chose frag in the briefing. And I was too focused on the fight to see that.

It happens to the best of us :')


Does this only happen for you when viewing Fury on the Appearance menu or does this show like this in game too?


I was watching this thinking .... I can see "Flashbang" in the UI and thinking .... Oh nooo you don't realise :')

Got there in the end though friend ahah!

28 Sep


Originally posted by JohnnyTest91

I am not in Delta Company, so probably not :V



Thanks for reporting this, we have raised with our teams.

24 Sep

22 Sep


If this is something that keeps happening, could you possibly grab a video for us to investigate please? Thank you

21 Sep


Nice to see Nomad has been trained in the subtle art of conflict resolution. :P

(And that others shot him too.)


Thanks for bringing this up, we have also raised this with our teams to see what is going on here.


That was a bit too close for comfort. Nice flying!

20 Sep


Originally posted by AcesofAthens

It totally looks like the back of a video game case. Man, I remember driving home from the store in my parents car looking at the games I got from Gamestop, and I always loved the stuff on the front and back.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who did this. :')

I loved getting a new Gameboy Advance game and reading through the manuals. Back when there was more than just controls, like a little blurb about the story or some flavour text about enemies.

18 Sep


Originally posted by uprightshark

Thank you for this. We obviously have a spoiled child problem here. I really want to thank Ubi for these last updates really. The AI team mates changed this game for my 100% and hearing Scott Mitchell's voice last night was totally awesome!

u/ubibard the guys did a real good job here!

When I look at this game today, versus release, it certainly has come a long way and Red Patriot is pretty much the Wildlands badguy system.

I've personally enjoyed all if the updates and can't wait to get into Red Patriot this weekend. I got my Honeybadger out of Maria's store last night though ... lol

I got the ultimate edition at the XBOX boxing day sale for under $40. I really feel I got more than my money worth and enjoy the game. Maybe others could benefit from a more "cup half full" approach to life, it is a little less stressful. This is just a game after all.

Love to hear you’re enjoying what TU 3.0.0 has to offer. Let me know how you’re enjoying the Red Patriot adventure after you try it this weekend, shark!


Originally posted by Minarchi21

Indeed it is. I’m really hoping u/ubibard or another sees this as well

Seen. :) These are super cool!


Originally posted by JohnnyTest91

/u/UbiBard /u/Ubi-Toon another oversight bug

Thanks for the tag, Johnny! Definitely noting.


Originally posted by FewHoursGaming

Thankyou for your reply! I have a dual monitor setup.

Awesome! Saw the way the second one was angled and I couldn’t tell. What’s your kitty’s name?

When do they post?

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