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26 Feb


Hey Ghosts,

After an exciting year and half of updates and game improvements, we are thrilled to announce that we will continue to bring new content to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint throughout 2021!

Since launch, our priority has been to address feedback from you, our players. We added multiple updates to our Ghost Experience, which brought the Bullet Lure, Darkest Night, Golem Island exploration, and World Modifiers to name a few. We have given you all the ability to fine-tune Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint to meet your needs and wants.

The addition of some familiar faces like Sam Fisher, Scott Mitchell, and Rainbow Operatives brought some fun content we were sure you would enjoy! Let...

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19 Feb


This is a great sequence! With the lighting, they could even be graphic novel panels.

18 Feb


Oh, that's a chilling shot. Great work!

17 Feb


Originally posted by JJ-GAMESTER

I've stickied this currently for very important reasons:

  • The fact that the CR has to mention not to attack them is unacceptable. We here at r/GhostRecon have a strict policy on abuse to peers and Ubi staff. Ubi staff are here as a privilege to directly reach out to the vast GR community here, they aren't required to be. The subreddit has made an awesome connection with Ubisoft that allows us to talk to the CMs/CRs. So respect that. If you can't handle to talk maturely and respectfully, then leave the subreddit.
  • Additionally, any spam posts at Ubi Reps will be removed (spoiler - they aren't the devs). If you have bugs or issues - go to Ubi Support and get a ticket. (If there is a huge wide game-breaking bug that needs a hotfix, send it to the mod team and we'll pass it directly.)
  • This is confirmation of future content, as Ubi-T00n said, the...
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Thanks for sharing this! Appreciated <3

16 Feb



The team is aware of the issue with the cloaking spray and they are currently looking into it.

15 Feb


Originally posted by XxREXNITROxX

"Fixed an issue where Behemoth drones would not respawn into the world after rebooting the game or being killed in action"

u/Ubi-Blush Just got the game and I'm having the bug where they wont respawn. idk how to fix it and get them back

Hey! Thanks for reporting this. I have checked and it looks like this issue was reopened again after people kept experiencing it after TU 3.0.3. The team is aware of it and currently working on it.


Originally posted by MalodorousFiend

This is a f**king amazing idea. u/Ubi_Hayve, you should really check this one out.

Thanks for the tag, will do <3

13 Feb


Time for some fancy flying!

Seatbelt sign pings on

12 Feb


Amazed they didn't drop from dizziness! I wonder which one won in the end.

11 Feb


What in the FURY?!?!


This is fantastic and very well put together!

Thanks for creating and sharing <3

10 Feb


Oh, really good photo! So cool that you managed to get almost the same pose :D

05 Feb


Investigating those skips in style 😎

02 Feb


Originally posted by Jimmyban

I think I bought the game maybe a month or so after they added the immersion mod with the removal of tiered loot stuff. I feel like Im completely oblivious to a lot of the content tho? like when I load up im just missing out on a ton of stuff that I muight just not know where to access it?


Ooohh these are great shots! The last one is especially cool.

When do they post?

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