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Hi Ghosts,

Here's a short list of bugs I still encounter after TU 3.0.3. Maybe this will be some things to look into for the Team at UbiParis.

  • the extended Magazine for the MK17 Assault still changes colours randomly and displays the small ARS magazine
  • the music in the Background still bugs out when changing detection states (I.e.: the action heavy music in 'combat'-mode goes completely silent when the enemies lose sight of me and changes with interruptions)
  • CQC animations still just display two animations although a lot of them are clearly on even ground
  • enemies still don't spawn in the respectiv base if I get in by helicopter jump
  • texture glitches when you colour your weapons
  • the perk "Adrenaline" doesn't work at all after the "Red Patriot"-Update (Pls fix it's essential for a CQC-Build!!)
  • stocks on MPs are arbitrarily changing when using GunSmith
  • NPCs are still whining 24/7, and now in Gender-incompatible voices
  • when using extended Magazines on ASRs the "Close and Personal"-Perk doesn't work/ the fast reload animation does not trigger (or is it designed like that?)
  • the USP Tac. still doesn't fit in the holster correctly
  • the prone ability is wonky somehow: Nomad sometimes stands up three times in a row
  • when going prone and covering yourself in mud, the AI Team sometimes just remain in place and won't get back up


  • the Bullet-Lure sometimes vanishes from the Item-Wheel and is unequipable after that

  • Laser doesn't work on the MK17. ​

  • Behemoths are not respawning on Golem Island

If you have encountered more write it down - I will edit the post!

That's all thank you. Have a great one.

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Thank you for reporting these. I am going through them now and passing on the info to the team.