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Hi all, just wanted to let you know that we are aware and working on this!
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Hi all, this is a stubborn bug! We shipped a fix earlier this month and that solved the original issue, but a slightly different bug showed up it its place, causing the story to stall for a different reason. I know this is frustrating for those of you impacted by it, so I'm happy to share that we've got a fix and are preparing to send it your way! Since this has been such a persistent issue, we are testing the fix thoroughly to make sure it's going to solve the problem for you. Our goal is to ship the fix next Monday, April 3. If something happens to delay that we will let you know in this thread.
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@Callipygeas.8369 and @Veprovina.4876, a question on this: Are you both still stuck from before the April 3 fix, or are you hitting this for the first time now? There are a couple of us digging into what the bug is and why it's so weirdly persistent, so your answers will help us investigate. Thank you!

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