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Originally posted by that_shaman

It's in an even more obscure spot than the wintersday book... but looks like Bonnie likes to write Game of Thrones styled SAB fan fiction!

It's an OFFICIAL novelization! This grimdark is licensed, baby

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Mmm... soapy deathweed.

08 Apr


Originally posted by Kameid

I just want to remind you that you are using an infant of an intelligent species as a body shield, and form of amusement at the same time. Since quaggans have clearly demonstrated they live in close familial social groups, this is also quaggannapping. You monster.

Shooshadoo is an independent quaggan! They want to be a hero too, so they join you on your adventures! Besides, the top is open - quaggan could leave if quaggan wanted to. Quaggan choose to protec shield-mommy/daddy


Originally posted by Anet_Kwan

u/Anet_ConnorF wrote most if not all of them!

Samantha actually wrote this one, specifically. And Erin wrote “More than she Bergen for.”

But other than that, guilty :)


Originally posted by Sovereign42

Okay, I have to ask now... who actually wrote the excerpts from Snargle's books? Cuz, those were absolute masterpieces that shook me out of my chair, laughing.

u/Anet_ConnorF wrote most if not all of them!

07 Apr


Originally posted by Sovereign42

Snargle Goldclaw has been one of my absolute favourite parts of the more recent living world.

What I love about working on GW2 is how flexible and rich the world is. The fact that Snargle can exist as a character is part of what makes Guild Wars special.

I wrote for Steel and Fire and within the same release we had Snargle and Bonnie, as well as the dramatic ending with Bangar and Almorra.

Happy to hear you're a Snargle fan!


Originally posted by BaconSoda222

Quagtub Time Machine is the best legendary. Maybe Bird Stick gives a run for its money, but nothing better than this guy.

LOL this is my new favorite nickname for it.

When do they post?

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