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04 Dec


I really enjoyed seeing everyone's reactions to these characters on the stream. We're all really proud of the cast of this expansion, and Morgan and Kwan gave great summaries.

Looking forward to you all learning more about them when the game comes out :)


Originally posted by Seikiii

I have anxiety that they will all get mad at me for not knowing what tf I am doing XD

nah, t1 fractal groups tend to be pretty chill, most t2 ones as well

03 Dec


Originally posted by GodakDS

Only tangentially related, but Exordium has to be one of the best weapons in any video game ever. You and the rest of the team did an amazing job there, and it seems like you're on pace for another excellent batch of legendaries.

Thank you so much!


Originally posted by Skogrheim

You're the best, Chelsea!


02 Dec


This is the robovoice we use internally before we have any voice acting. Sounds like the voice line didn't get hooked up right here.

01 Dec


Originally posted by UGHfineILLjoin

Thank you all for putting this together again for this year!

I had a quick look through the faq but couldn't find an answer - do you have a sign up for people to give gifts without receiving one? I'd be happy to send some stuff out to those who don't get anything from their toy maker

If I remember correctly, once you are entered (You would receive 1 gift and give out one gift) and give out your gift you can enter to send out extra gifts to other people in the list. Not sure if it picks people, is random, and if its based on not receiving a gift yet though. Last year there was a "Your donations" section.

30 Nov


Originally posted by StagprinceJP

how does it breath?

invisible jade tech aquabreather (not canon)


In the late patch notes : "Updated the character grid on the character selection screen, adding mouse-wheel support and dynamically adjusting the number of characters displayed based on resolution."

Personally at 29 slots, 3440p wide