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Am I allowed to curse here? \Checks with the film director** Cool.

HOLY sh*t

This is so cool! I worked on Siren's Landing so this honestly brings me so much joy. I'm going to show it to the designer that built the Siren of Orr mastery line because I think he would also super appreciate this. Thank you for sharing!!


\Pours one out for his fallen ally**


Originally posted by Jaymie_Flowers

I dont think that they are in such population as they are on US servers tho

yeah, I pop over there from time to time, but the latency makes it difficult for me to do much.

03 Aug


Originally posted by ComfyFrog

Thanks, random third party only journalists, for once again giving us information that the first party doesn't talk about.

To clarify - there's no livestream this week. And yes, there will definitely be a blog post announcing when one does happen. :)


Originally posted by Paradachshund

Ah so that's why they stopped! I was wondering what happened to those. Always was fun to see the zombie horde chasing you guys around 😅

I'm not 100% sure on that, but I think it's the reason. The timing works out, at least.

02 Aug


Originally posted by readoclock

Now I want to see an Anet vs players wvw session… do you think enough people at Anet play wvw?

We used to have a WvW stream every week where the WvW team and a guest dev would go into WvW tagged up. I think that stopped when the main person doing it got promoted to a lead and didn't have time for it any more though. More recently (maybe 6 months ago) the engineering team did go into WvW together with a bunch of minion mancers to maximize the number of Anet tags, but nothing in any way organized in a while.

31 Jul

30 Jul


Originally posted by linkdude212

The only devs I've seen in WvW were on my server....

I'll hop around on different servers when I WvW to give different people the opportunity to kill me then :)


yep, I claim objectives (usually camps) for ArenaNet in WvW, just to do this, and give all the NPCs at the objective the ArenaNet tag on their nameplate :)

29 Jul