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It's a bug. The original version of this content used a golem but we later reframed it with a different character so that it was more inline with established lore, etc. This NPC string got missed during the review pass.

A fix has been implemented but it won't go live for a few weeks.

I enjoyed his lore vids.

04 Aug

03 Aug

This is so cute! I love the art style.

Yes, it's certainly worth playing in 2020!

\Disclaimer: I might be a bit biased.)

31 Jul

Originally posted by Agsded

It just happened again on IP 34:234:14:30. Cannons broke the pillar the Claw is clinging to, and his health drops to 75% on the UI for the meta, but the Claw stays up there on the broken pillar invulnerable at 100% health attacking 'til the timer runs out and the map closes.

What you're talking about is a different bug than the one the OP mentioned but I thank you for bringing up that one too!

Hello, just a heads up this should be fixed on Live now! (:

30 Jul

29 Jul

28 Jul

27 Jul

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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