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Now that Anet encouraged us to replay the story party pre HoT, i was once again reminded that this was also the point where they included Kasmeer and Marjory less and less.

Starting with the Fort Salma chapter, Marjory was absent for a while. With HoT both of them lost importance for us the protagonist. They went on "missions" more and started to appear less and less. In PoF they barely played any role, and in the LS after that just appeared here and there without much storyimpact.

Meanwhile Taimi and Braham became the most important side characters and both kinda had their own arc and were super important ALL THE TIME. I mean, just look at how Taimis ideas guided us basically everywhere we were stuck. Braham became the champion of primordus!!!

I hate how they kinda bullied them out. Whenever they are away we mostly dont know what they are doing. At least for Rox we got an explanation.

Did we ever get an explanation why they decided to kinda cut them out?

TLDR: Me sad they stoped including Kasmeer and Marjory in the story.

A lot of people reminded me, that Kasmeer was with us during PoF. I am sorry, it seems i totally forgot that.

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Hey all, love the discussion going on in this thread. Thought I'd shed a little light on the process of choosing characters involved in the plot. There's usually a set of core iconic characters integral to the plot beats. For example, Rytlock was clearly integral to the charr civil war depicted in IBS, and Braham was a natural medium for exploring the norn side of things. It's a balancing act of trying to give each of the (very large) cast their screen time, and sadly some characters appear less often than we'd like. It is something we're conscious of, so keep giving your feedback!

For End of Dragons, we had a bit more flexibility in choosing the cast. Keep in mind that we want to introduce new local Canthan characters as well, but in regards to the iconics we chose characters for whom we wanted to make meaningful progression in their growth as characters. In the upcoming livestream event, we'll talk more about a few of those characters (and introduce you to some new ones!) I know I'm biased, but the story team is very happy with the character arcs we've fleshed out in EoD! And some of the new characters have become immediate favorites among the dev team.

Regarding Jory and Kas, we also love these characters! They're among my personal favorites. I can't confirm specific details, but know that they aren't forgotten.