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The stream today with frank language, clearly listening to feedback, and acknowledging some things aren't perfect but are being looked at and worked on. I literally could not be more pleased.

Keeping with a balance and update stream also lets you be more on par with competitors like FFXIV, which have the live letters they do with the producers detailing changes and having a way to hype up their base- not to mention it gives content creators more to work with, which is good advertising. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE more of this.

Edit for one note: Switching to the slideshow after going through Warrior was immensely helpful and should be the new standard. It helps us share the info more consistently and easily and helps with singular screen caps and review.

Thank you.

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Roy flexing on cmc with his shirt and his jug of water

Well it was the only way I had any hope of keeping up with his levels of hydration!