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I'd like to say that I am absolutely enjoying my experience with the game. This being my first MMORPG game has truly been an immersive experience, especially the action-camera mode that makes it more fun. Leveling my sylvari necromancer (now Harbinger, really liked the class and how it plays) from 1-80 I was really lost on what to do or where to go, only to figure out that you dictate where you want to go, following with your personal story. Along the time exploring zones, I ran into meta events that made it enthralling to fight with many others. I didn't even know why many people were gathered in the first place, only to be helped by a guardian informing me what they were and suggesting me the wiki page.

As I explored the different maps going from Caledon Forest to Brisban Wildlands, it's amazing how you choose wherever you go, meet special interactions, and simply engage with tasks and other objectives to get map completion- a good boost of dopamine for me. I eventually finished each zone as I progressed through the story, taking my time to enjoy the map wherever my personal story takes me, and truly enjoyed the time all the way to the end of it.

Going through lw s1, HoT, lw s3, PoF, and lw s4 so far, I have enjoyed the personalized story and the connections that you have with the NPCs>! (rip my bestie Tybalt, Trahearne, and Blish :( )!< and how they traverse into the next expansion, especially the hype in lw s2 leading into HoT! Having completed everything, including the tremendous effort and time-gating sky scale collection (actually not that bad as it gave me time to focus on other things). What I also enjoyed throughout my experience is how friendly other players are with guidance, as I feared that the community is a bit toxic after hearing how toxic WoW players are, and what's been happening in their company for the past few years when I wanted to see what game I would like to play. Those players truly improved my experience, especially the Mesmers who put a port to help me complete a puzzle for dailies (I make sure I finish a puzzle first and not simply portal haha).

I'm looking forward to completing the Icebrood Saga, then EoD! One thing I could say for sure is that this is my favorite game to play for the times to come, especially with the horizontal progression. There is still a lot to learn and a lot to do, and I would appreciate any suggestions or tips to improve my experience, as I want to do more group content as I've read posts about fractals and raids and how hard it is to get into them, maybe joining a guild can help me with that for sure, but I'm not always the one to message guild recruiters when they advertise on the map channel :P, maybe when the time comes I will find and join a guild on the Reddit page.

TL;DR Overall, I am loving my experience with the game and will continue to enjoy the game for a long time, leveling from 1-80 and doing lws and expansions have been a blast, with great player involvement in events that truly improve the experience for me. Time to go into Icebrood Saga now!

ft. Taimi

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Wow, that's impressive progress! Welcome! We're thrilled to have you here.
(Also, I'm glad you enjoy Harbinger! It's one of the specs I made. ^_^)

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What other specs did you make? Harb is one of my favs from a design perspective, you killed it c:

My EoD specs were Harbinger, Mechanist, and Virtuoso.