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What about those who even after the fix cannot get in? They get a network error message.

We rolled out a second fix should have hopefully addressed this. Please ping me with your display name (Name.1234) if you're still having trouble entering WvW.

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Unrelated but big thanks to the work you all put in to the alliance. I am in the JA Vabbi alliance in EU and we had content until 2 am. Love you for doing something with this unique game mode.


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Hey Grouch,

Is there any solution within the current beta for players who have been assigned to a team completely different than their chosen guild?

Either way, Cheers for all the hard work on the new system! :)

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Had a blast running with you tonight in EBG!


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Will I be able to claim objectives with my five guilds or are 4 of em useless ones a wvw one is picked due to this rework? As a roamer I kinda own 5 guilds for claiming and use of tactics and last beta none of the 5 could claim anything.

You can still claim with all five. Your WvW guild is just used for matchmaking purposes.

I'd be curious to know more about what was happening when you couldn't claim.