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I hate to sound to negative because im having a blast with this game, but im constantly running into problems with the add-on Manager and radial not working with each other. I hate that i have to f*ck around with dll files for 30 mins bevore each time i login. Do you guys think There will ever be an official mount wheel in the in game options? I mean obviously there is enough demand for it and for the people that like it the game is pretty much unplayable without it. I dont know how much work this would be for anet but if an independant modder can do it im sure they can too.

What do you guys think?

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Originally posted by Marok_Kanaros

Before covid a dev worked on controler support and while doing that also looked into radial because for controler they probably are nececcarry considering the amount of keys in gw2, but the dev left since then, so we don't know how far the dev has gotten with that.

That dev got much further than probably anyone knows. Hopefully another dev can take his work to the finish line.

How long do NDAs last after you leave a job? Just kidding!

Really would love to say more, but I can't :-(

Very happy to hear I was remembered! :-)

Edit: Someone might want to take that symbol away from me now :-)

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Originally posted by Natural-Setting1512

Oh awesome. Did they get laid off ?

Just decided it was time to move on. Had been there for 5 years. Decided to take a break and enjoy some nature and the outdoors more.

Enjoying self employment, mostly flipping NFTs and hodling crypto. It's been a wild ride so far.

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Originally posted by Natural-Setting1512

Oh that's awesome! Thanks for responding :)

I'm glad you weren't laid off. Got to leave on your own terms!

Any fun anecdotes about working at arenanet? Any fun things about guild wars 2?

Working at ArenaNet was a dream for me. I was a huge fan of the game before I got a job there. I raided, zerged, fractaled and fashion war'd every night, so having the opportunity of working with everyone there was the coolest thing ever.

The company is really great and goes out of there way to take care of their devs, all the benefits were awesome.

I remember when Covid started, thinking working from home was the greatest thing ever, but now after like 2 years of working from home I think I'm ready to go back into an office again... Just not every day 9-5.

I'm just thinking of all the great people there, and all the old faces that left already, a lot of people I miss I guess, lol. I guess one of the downsides of self employment during global outbreak.

Hmmm Anecdotes? Well we had this concept of 10% time at ArenaNet, where your supposed to be able to do anything you want 10% of the time. I'm pretty sure I abused that to the max, and was ALWAYS doing things that I wasn't really supposed to be doing. That's how Gamepad support was born. In fact, I think there's like 10+ other really cool features that I finished that just never got their time in a release schedule. Can't say what though!

Edit Bonus Anecdotes: During my interview when I was getting hired, somehow I got started talking about WvW, and when I got into it, I can talk for a while about all the different keeps/towers and strategies and whatnot (to the creators of it), I think I spent so much time talking about it (Even though I was applying for a programming position), that they forgot to ask me any programming questions. Suckers, easy interview! :-)

PS: I miss the grilled cheese truck too.