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If you missed today's livestream preview of the competitive updates coming to Guild Wars 2 on July 16, you can read the notes below and check out the VOD here! PvP Updates Automated Tournament Updates The number of daily ATs has been reduced from 8 to 4 The time that daily ATs occur is now region dependent EU: 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 UTC NA: 21:00, 0:00, 3:00, 9:00 UTC (2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 2:00 AM PDT) One AT for NA is offset to accommodate OCX playerbase A new weekly AT has been added Will occur every Sunday, exact time is region dependent EU: 17:00 UTC NA: 20:00 UTC (1:00 PM PDT) No Qualifying Point requirement to entry Increased rewards compared to a normal daily tournament Gold reward ranges from 150g for 1st to 25g for 9-16th place Rewards include Ascended Shards of Glory and PvP League Tickets A new monthly variety tournament has been added Will occur the second Saturday of the month at 19:00 UTC (12:00 PM PDT) on both regions Alternates between 2v2 and 3v3 modes 2v2: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov 3v3: Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec Rewards include a special title and permanent Champion's Rest passes for 1st Tournament of Legends is returning Scheduled to run every 6 months Announcement of the first ToL coming soonTM Will occur the third Saturday of the month at 19:00 UTC (12:00 PM PDT) on both regions Rewards have been updated (2nd place prize is better than a precursor now) New Colored Title for Tournament Play Champion Brawler is now colored This applies retroactively A new system has been created to reward players with a colored title for high placement in mATs 1-4th place are given Proofs of Glory 1st: 30 2nd: 15 3rd-4th: 10 At 120 Proofs of Glory, you will unlock the new title through the Road of Victory achievement The achievement is repeatable so you can keep track even after you get 120 Djinn's Dominion Changes Objective is now a channel instead of a capture point Channeling the objective will now grant the player a special action skill, not their team The skills rewarded have been updated Giant Meteor No longer a ground target, requires a target This skill now knocks down, is unblockable, removes boons, and applies vulnerability Waters of Life Replaces Disenchantment Field Targeted AoE that revives allies and finishes enemies in its radius Starfall Replaces Waxing Doom Damages and launches enemies in a raidus around the player If used while in a capture point the enemy controls, it will neutralize the capture point Leaving the lamp arena with apply teleport sickness with a scaling duration like Skyhammer WvW Updates WvW Scoring Updates •Victory Points are now going to be weighted based on player population per skirmish, per region: EU: NA: The warscore awarded from capturing objectives have been increased, and will additionally increase based on the tier of the objective when it is captured The warscore awarded from defeating an enemy player in WvW is increasing from 2 to 3 Objective Contesting and EWP Old system: Objectives contest when an associated guard gets into combat, or when a gate/wall is damaged New system: Objectives contest when the lord/supervisor is put into combat, or when a gate/wall is damaged below 98% EWP: Now spawns 3 Emergency Waypoints for the duration of the tactic – only being updated for Keeps/Castles All 3 Waypoints will be relatively near the Lord’s room of the Keep/Castle Allow for defending groups to respond to objectives with EWP safer Siege Updates: Alacrity can no longer be applied to players on siege, and will be removed from players when activating siege Boons other than swiftness can no longer be applied to Siege Golems Flame Ram health has been lowered by 50%. Operated flame rams will have Iron Hide applied to them Some siege supply costs have been adjusted: Guild Siege Golem supply cost increased from 50 to 75 Arrow Cart supply cost reduced from 40 to 25 Superior Arrow Cart supply cost reduced from 50 to 35 Trebuchet supply cost reduced from 100 to 50 Superior Trebuchet supply cost reduced from 120 to 60 New Weapon Set Corrupted Hero’s Weapons Obtained through Mist-Hardened Lockboxes (Exotic version) Obtained through Mystic Forge (Ascended Version) Rare Hero Weapon from the Hero Weapon Reward Track New Mystic Forge Ingredient purchased for WvW Currencies Grandmaster Mark Shards Emblems of the Avenger