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I got GW2 when it released, and I remember creating a Norn Ranger and starting out on launch day. Man, was that a buggy mess, with maps filled to the brim with people crowding hearts and events. I switched to a Human Warrior soon after, and he became my main. I've been playing on and off, sometimes diving in and going all out for a few months, other times logging in occasionally to do a few events or join in for the fun festivals. I'm mostly a casual gamer, so endgame content was never in my sights that much (Raids, legendaries, that sort of thing). I also really disliked Ranger for some reason. I loved the class, the pet was just annoying and I wanted to play a trapper type character without the pet (By the way, I love the pets now).

I started dating my girlfriend January 1st 2020. Corona started blowing up, and our country went into a heavy lockdown late in March 2020. We scrambled to get her old pc fixed the few days after lockdown was announced (we were given a week's notice I believe). We ended up getting her set up, and GW2 was free so we had started playing that. Gaming together was the one thing we could do during the lockdown where it felt like we were sitting next to each other. She learnt really quickly, and in no time we had finished the story, gone on to the expansions, and then ultimately finished the Living Story to the present. I started a Norn Ranger and she started with a Norn Thief, and those characters have been going strong as our mains. We took photos of our progress, and while we couldn't be next to each other to take selfies, we had our characters pose in front of pretty environments. Being able to game together like this prevented us both from becoming too depressed during a time where we couldn't really see anyone, let alone each other. Now we get to sit next to each other and play GW2 among other games, which is one of the best feelings in the world.

A while ago we decided to start Chuka and Champawat. I've never been serious in considering doing a legendary, but the tiger-adorned shortbow is beautiful, and perfect for her Norn Thief. I'm switching back to a Warrior as my main (Charr) and I won't ever really use Chuka and Champawat to be honest, but taking this journey in making a legendary has been the most fun (if sometimes frustrating and soooooo expensive) journey with my girlfriend. It will probably be 2 or more years before we can start on our next legendaries (casual gamers don't amass that much gold and mystic coins as quickly XD), but I am so happy we are doing this one together.

Just wanted to express my appreciation to Tyria for all the good times and for being an amazing place to visit with the love of my life while the real world is slightly broken and shut off. And to everyone in Tyria that has helped or just been friendly towards a blue-haired, badass Norn Thief and her bearded Norn Ranger partner, thank you.

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