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Hello, WvW players, I want to give a brief status update on World Restructuring now that we've wrapped up our second week of the team period (the time between team creations). Launch World Restructuring had a relatively smooth launch thanks to some awesome work by our gameplay platform engineers. At reset, we ran into a couple of issues with teams in the newly created tiers that prevented players from accessing WvW maps. Our team identified the issue and unblocked the maps relatively quickly, and we have a fix in place for the future. The good news is that most players got placed where they intended to be! For those who didn't, our support team has been actively assisting players who missed the deadline or selected the wrong guild. At the time of writing, we have resolved one team placement bug that could have negatively impacted inactive guilds and players. Team Creation The team-creation algorithm is performing as expected, and most teams are showing reasonably similar performance in terms of player hours, average war scores, and victory points. But things aren't perfect; there are a couple of teams that stand out as unbalanced, and even on well-balanced matchups we have noticed some performance gaps at specific times of day. We'll be adjusting the algorithm to better address this for the next team creation at the end of July. We have also observed an issue related to time zone population balance that is specifically affecting large guilds. Our algorithm is trying to build a representative profile of guilds for the purposes of team creation. The larger your guild becomes, the more relevant the "averages" are in your data, and the less specific the profile becomes. This creates a situation in which off-hours groups that are part of large prime-time guilds are having their data nullified by the larger group. We are looking into adjustments to improve on this specific function of the algorithm. In the meantime, if you're in an off-hours guild that has joined a much larger prime-time guild for World Restructuring, you might be able to improve your matchup experience in your preferred time zone by selecting a smaller guild. Thanks We appreciate your feedback on the new system and are looking forward to the many improvements we can make to it. Please continue to share your experiences and feedback in the WvW forums! Thanks, Cecil and the WvW Team