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This is what I ended up with after everything was added to Armory.

I contacted Anet CS because of these messages:


Had the same messages for the other greatsword and Memory as well. I have 2 Eternities in Armory already.

Also asked if there was anything for excess Legendary Runes and Sigils. I have received a message today stating that I have already received all compensation so nothing for the extra legendary upgrades. I was hoping to get the gifts of runes and sigils converted back to components as well since those have no use but make additional runes/sigils. Those were made prior to the Armory announcement.
I am not sure why there is nothing for the Sunrise/Twilight items as the items and the mails specifically told me to contact Customer Service

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2 months ago - /u/GMMagister - Direct link

Hey Enko!

It's my understanding that Legendary Runes and Sigils should count for compensation, so I'm not sure what happened here, but we'll take a look!

For some background - compensation was distributed based on some data that was shared with my team the day of the Armory's release. This spreadsheet was meant to have every user and their excess items listed, and we sent out the designated compensation according to that. However, if you didn't receive compensation for these runes then something definitely seems to have gone amiss in that count.

I think I also found your ticket and there may have been a slight bit of confusion on our part (and I'll take part of the blame myself for this one) - you have the perfect number of excess runes that the message escalated to me that stated "this person had 11 runes and got 5 boxes of compensation" seemed correct, at least at first glance, when accounting for your 6 normal armor slots. But, as it turns out, that's 11 EXCESS and not 11 total - in that case, five boxes definitely doesn't seem right at all.

I apologize for the mix up that seems to have happened here! I've got some of our best agents on the case to look into what might have gone wrong. If it turns out the data we got was wrong, we may need a tiny bit of extra time to circle back with the folks who sent it to us to verify what happened and run another round of database queries to correct whatever caused you (and possibly anyone else) to fall through the cracks regarding runes or sigils.

Again, I'm really sorry this happened, but I just wanted to clear up that this does not seem to be the intended outcome of this case, just a perfect storm of incorrect data and perfect numbers leading to the wrong amount of compensation. We'll do our best to get it sorted and made right as soon as we are able to! o7

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Originally posted by Enko63

Thanks, GMMagister. I did reply back to the latest response asking about it. Also can you look into the Twilight/Sunrise items as well? (maybe even look into my account being blocked for using a VPN too?)

We'll definitely look into the Twilight/Sunrise issue too (sadly not me personally as it is my weekend and I might already going to get an earful for working on my day off just because I happened to check Reddit, but I've also let our agents know about that issue so we'll see what can be done!)

The VPN issue isn't something I can speak to as any account blocks resulting from such are likely put in place by our accounts or security team, but if you submit anoter ticket with the appropriate subject or category (assuming you haven't already) then it should automatically get sent to the appropriate folks to look into it. I'll let them know you'll be coming, though! :)

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Originally posted by Enko63

With 12 extra armor pieces, 11 runes, and 2 sigils, I should have 25 total then?
Any chance something can be done with the gifts of runes/sigils? Possibly just breaking them back down into the components?

That's the expectation, if those are on top of the ones that got properly added to the Armory!

I'm hoping we can do something to compensate users who might have been partway through the process of crafting new account bound legendaries that are now redundant, but I'll be honest and say this was an edge case that wasn't fully planned for ahead of time... and I'm really bummed we missed it!

As such, I don't have any concrete info or plan yet, but stay tuned :) I'm working with the team to formulate a plan on what can be done.

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Originally posted by HGLatinBoy

What about people who had excess precursor armor what happens if they finish making it?

I just replied to a similar question from Enko up above before seeing this, but take a look!


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Originally posted by Something_Memorable

So if we experienced the same/similar situation should we make a ticket/reply to the open ticket if we have one open?

I submitted a ticket yesterday and got the same response as Enko and I'm fairly certain mine is off by 12 so wanted to know if I need to do anything special.

As for the in-progress items: Gift of Craftsmanship, Gifts of Condensed Might/Magic, Gift of Prosperity, ascended precursors, etc., Would it be helpful if we keep those in one spot on an account or does that not matter?

Edit: I had 17 extra runes, 2 extra complete sets of raid armor, and 2 extra backpacks, totaling what I thought would have been 31 items. What I got was 17 Trunks and 2 Caches. From what I have been hearing I would have thought it would be 29 trunks & 2 caches.

Please reply to your ticket and wait patiently for a reply there. I can't discuss too many specifics here on Reddit, and we'll need you to save all the juicy details for our internal discussion for tracking!