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Originally posted by Thestooge3

I despise how it looks like the arrow heads are facing upwards in the quiver. That's a great way to stab your fingers.

Those aren't the tips of the arrows, they're the fletching.

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Originally posted by Ryuuzaki13

the cape is beautiful but the hoodie feels like a drawing, doesn't seem that 3d to me

It's very 3d, made more obvious if you look at it from above. It couldn't be too thick or the quiver wouldn't have fit on top of it.

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Originally posted by Peatearredhill

It looks really cool. I will probably buy it.

I just wish this games transmutation system or whatever you want to call it wasn't so neutered by a premium currency. Because it's literally the best system like it of any MMO. You can unlock any skin regardless of what class you are on. It's nuts how good it is and then it's ruined by Transmutation Charges. It's like one step ahead of Wow's and then two steps back.

Sorry for the rant it just bothers me when something is so close to being the indestruty standout and they ruin it with some backward currency. Regardless of how easy or hard it is to get it stifles creativity and is a general negative thing about the game.

Fun fact: if you make a legendary it no longer costs transmutation charges to reskin that item.

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Originally posted by lulztard

Did you create it? I love the bloody thing. I might actually, for the first time in history!, slap a gemstore skin on my main. Got themes for characters, one is achievement skins only, my main is plain ingame skins, others are whatever, including gemstore.

But damn, that cape. Goes so well with the plain traveler look.

Give my thanks to whoever created it. :)

I did! I'm so glad you like it! Thank you!

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Originally posted by Dahkeus

This is definitely one of the best capes. I'll be nabbing this for sure and it could possibly replace my Rurik cape on my main. Awesome work as always, Chelsea!

I did the Rurik cape too, so double thank you!