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We're currently investigating a fix for this bug. We do not know yet how close we are to solving it so we don't have an estimate of when it may get released.
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Hi all, I talked with one of our engineers this morning and want to confirm that we are still working on this issue. I can also shed a little light on why a fix is not live yet. This fix involves a lot of code dictating how your character moves, how your mount moves, how external forces such as the low-gravity/floaty effect in Storm Tracking affect your character and mount, and how all of those things work together without hurling you into space or into the center of the planet. All of this means that we are being careful not to rush it through and risk creating more issues. We have a solution and are working on implementing and testing it--I will keep an eye on the process and try to update as it progresses. I know this is a progress-stopping issue for a lot of you, thank you for being patient while we work on it--and thanks to those of you providing assistance to other players!