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We put a lot of effort into getting Yao right! We worked with an awesome consultant who gave us feedback on their characterization and dialogue. Glad you like their design, and I hope you're as excited to meet them as we are. :)

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feedback on their characterization and dialogue.

Oh my god I just read the wiki, and Yao is agender!!!! They're probably gonna be the most prominent not-cis NPC ever in the game!!! Hell yeah!!!!!

I looked through the wiki, and I knew about Sya already, but I completely missed Myrun Skialkin somehow! Still only 3 NPCs, but 9 years of baby steps get you somewhere!

I'm a little late getting back to you, but yes! It's time we do better about including non-binary characters. We loved Jormag, but wanted to create NB human (as in non-creature, non-robot) characters as well. Baby steps, as you said.

Yao is an internal favorite, and I'll say that there are other NPCs coming in End of Dragons to keep an eye out for.