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I know the rules, not gonna rant. But today in matchmaking I got matched with a guy that repeatedly called others and me the N word with a hard R and then kept team killing us (or getting our shields down low enough to get one-shotted)

I couldn't find any option through Steam to report him, and tried on the Xbox companion app and couldn't even find his gamertag. Is there an in-game way to do this?

I know every game has its share of people who behave like this, 9/10 of my Halo experiences have been pretty wholesome lately, but this gave me some really bad 2007 flashbacks.

Really grateful to this community here just lovin the games, and I appreciate any help figuring out how to handle this. Thanks!

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Hey all –

Sorry to hear about the rough experience. We're aware it's not ideal but in the meantime, you can grab screenshots or clips and report the players on our Support Site. Those reports get passed over to our Enforcement team for applicable action.

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