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Originally posted by Torsuvii

Artwork was done in Illustrator and Animated in After Effects with DUIK Bassel. Shameless plugging my Instagram as well: https://instagram.com/torsuvii

I love it - fantastic work!

16 Apr


Originally posted by SuperSmashDrake

Is this for Custom Games or Social? Sorry I’m new to this sub.

It's in matchmaking! You can hop in and check out the Match Composer and play it in 4v4 or FFA.


Originally posted by SuperSmashDrake

Escalation Slayer is good but come on it needs to be FFA.

Good news! It's an FFA option as well!

15 Apr


Originally posted by QuickOneMinuteOats

Halo 2 Custom Games are still broken. Every time we start a game for any game type (slayer, ctf, etc) with any number of players/teams (4v4, 3v3v3, etc), everyone starts the game as red team and the game ends.

Super frustrating, as our group almost exclusively plays Halo 2 custom team games.

Have you submitted tickets on the Halo Support site yet?


Originally posted by Bruh_alt721

i wasn't trying to start a debate; i just wanted to speculate a bit :)

Gotcha, then "debate" was probably the wrong choice of words on my end - apologies! I just wanted to help squash that before the speculation train left the station again. I hope you can understand :)


Originally posted by [deleted]


There's no need start this debate again, my friend!

I can't find the source, but we've already debunked the rumor that the demo was a recording of an old build.

When we refer to "last year" or "about a year ago," we just mean it as a figure of speech - we're not counting the specific days/weeks/months :)

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