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31 Jul


I LOVE this weapon. Sounds so crunchy, feels like it hits hard. It can get squirrely if you fire too fast but I love it


Originally posted by Kesner246

it's actually being used a lot. it's super helpful and you get points for doing it

It has even more utility in BTB, IMO. Larger teams, larger maps, more points of interest, etc..


Right in the feels! The circle of liiiiife. It's been great to squad up with my son :) (thankfully he hasn't surpassed my skillz... yet)


Originally posted by ShadeFK

And now I'm definitely buying this game

Pro tip: The multiplayer side of the game will be free-to-play :)


Well played! Reminder we are on the hunt for clips - feel free to share out on Twitter w/ #InfinitePlays to help the team source some sweet clips.


You love to see it! Hammer takes a little getting used to but this is a devastating combo


Ok that was pretty sick, I haven't seen this happen before. Well played! (ngl I'm trash w/ the Skewer)


Originally posted by oneevilchicken

I’m a nobody and I got invited

You're a Halo player! That's not a nobody, to me. :) Thanks for participating

30 Jul

29 Jul


Originally posted by MeanderingMinstrel

Sad 😥 not mad at them at all, I just don't have a lot of time this weekend so the longer it takes, the more likely it is I won't get to play at all. But, as everyone is saying, this is exactly what tests are for.

I do wish they could've been a little more specific on what to expect though. Even if they told us a download size, it would be helpful.

Download size is approx. 19GB (assume will vary slightly by platform)


Originally posted by legend_of_the_rent

Some of the replies on Twitter are an absolute joke. People not understanding that this is why they are doing a technical preview. I get the frustration because we've been waiting a long time for this game but waiting a few extra hours isn't going to kill anybody.

If Sketch or anyone from 343 happen to see this comment, just know that most of the community is with you and is very appreciative for all the bs you have to put up with.

Thank you sir! Appreciate yours and r/ Halo support!