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26 May

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23 May


hey y'all!

just coming back to this thread – I can confirm that my Khaki Runway coating is back. can you check your inventory and let me know if you still don't see it??


Wow, I've never seen one like that before - love the originality. Plus, it just looks super clean!

22 May


Hey u/Competitive-Cress-43 & u/Maviiboy (saw your thread on this too) - I was hoping to gather a little more info from you both.

  • What playlist were you searching when this happened?
  • Does this seem to happen in one playlist more than any others?
  • Could you tell if you were joining a match in progress or was it a brand-new match?
  • What time/date did these timeouts happen...
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hey /u/samlikeburger (and anyone else affected by this) – can y'all send in a Support ticket about the issue? i will flag it but it's really helpful if our crew can get as much info on their end too.

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