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25 Oct


It looks great, amazing work. Have a Happy Haloween, Chief! 🎃

24 Oct

23 Oct

22 Oct


Surveys are already all sent and wrapped up. They are indeed mostly randomized outside of only going to ppl who at least played a few games. It was sent to just a subset of the whole flight audience - enough to be representative and statistically significant. Unfortunately not feasible to send out hundreds of thousands of surveys. Thanks for participating - I believe we are still working on an outcomes recap, just taking time given how busy the road to launch is for everyone.


This is awesome!


Originally posted by NobleGuardian

Thats a face of man you is numb to getting t-bagged.

Ngl, things were not going my way in this playtest (they seldom do)


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You do not know what POV means unless you think after playing all night, Ske7ch will show up at your house and sit down, hogging your PC.

It could happen