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I was here for the cooking tips. :(

Originally posted by logancarrollart

So excited to have my art featured in the Community Spotlight! I've been overwhelmed with messages about buying this as a print across Social Media... The truth is until 343 or Xbox / Microsoft grants me permission or licenses this themselves, it will not be available to buy. Sorry guys! Glad you like it though!!

I absolutely LOVE the colors and composition. You did a kickass job on it and I hope you do more Halo stuff. :D

Don't blink.


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Best worst kept secret?

Worst best kept?

Either way... This is it, Chief.

Originally posted by Ghost-Prime

Does anyone know if the updated Halo: Reach forge mode is out or when it’s coming out? I mean with all the new things like the Seraphs, Sabers, and (I think) Pelicans, etc.

Yes, Reach's Forge also got updated :)

Originally posted by OneFinalEffort

I love the selection and they all feel really good to use in different situations.

When it comes to 343, I am always pleasantly surprised by how excellent their Mangums/Pistols are. I love every pistol in Halo 4 and 5.

I love the Sidekick. Feels so good. :)

It's actually quite a popular opinion and seems to be moreso by the day. (no current plans mind you, but hey, I'd def be down if it ever were to happen)

Originally posted by arffhaff

From the get go, 343 was composed of people that hated the halo franchise. This was stated in an interview by Frank O Connor IIRC. This resulted with unskilled people that built a game that looked and felt nothing like a Halo game, on purpose.

Instead of apologising for their mistakes, they're doubling down on trying to make the new Halo a 343 game, i.e. that has original concepts created by them and for which they want to be remembered by. Their ego must've been struck so bad by the poor reception of all their projects that they legitimately want to say "f**k you, you're going to at least play with weapons we designed. f**k your classic Bungie weapons, this is a 343 game".

That's... certainly a take.

Originally posted by archaelleon

She said 'it's an older build' and nothing else.

Right? It was fascinating to me to see people embedding that video into a tweet but in their own copy saying "this build is from January!" I had to watch it again, never once was "January" mentioned. (and no I wasn't in a position to be able to comment at the time, but glad we can set a few things straight today and acknowledge feedback and the team's position)

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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