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19 Jan

15 Jan


Originally posted by cjohn3b

Just returned to xbox and halo (currently on H2 remastered) Damn this series is so so good, incredible community creation ls too.

Welcome home. :)

14 Jan


Originally posted by Mattman276

Always great to see the terrific content the community puts out. Honestly still amazing how consistent everyone is at pumping out quality work.

Me: "Okay everyone's out of stuff by now, right?"

Everyone: YOU THOUGHT.

Every time. Without fail. πŸ˜…

13 Jan


Originally posted by acuddlebug

I do! here’s the link to my page: https://www.instagram.com/dirtdrawings/

Sweet, thank you!


Random question for you but do you happen to have an Instagram page by any chance? :)

12 Jan

11 Jan


Glad you're enjoying it! And thank you for the kind words for the team. It's certainly been a journey and none of this would be possible without the support of the community. And the team isn't done yet - I'm excited about what's on tap this year with new seasonal content and features still coming.

07 Jan


Omg I need it.

This is awesome!

06 Jan

05 Jan


Hmm don't recall ever seeing this shirt in gray (or do my eyes deceive me?). I still have a green version and a brown version and I still wear them periodically. I know we gave these out to the Bungie team at the time and they were used a few different marketing events. I don't have recollection of offering these for sale or anything, but maybe (some folks in this thread do seem to recall that). Art work was created by Bungie UI/UX artist Dave Candland. :)

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When do they post?

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