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Canon Fodder #106: Outpost Discoveries

about 5 hours ago - /u/GrimBrotherOne on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by mrbubbamac

I just finished watching the Panel Video for Chicago. I was slated to go to the event and then I had to travel across the country unexpectedly, and I wish I could have seen it live.

For those of you curious, it is DEFINITELY worth a watch! Seeing all those creators together was immensely interesting, but even getting a peak behind the curtain about the collaboration efforts was awesome. What I found most surprising is the apparent freedom that creators have, especially considering the subject matter in Greg Bear's Forerunner trilogy.

I guess I always assumed that 343 would say "Here are your story beats, this is what needs to happen, write within constraints." After hearing these authors speak it sounds like the opposite, the creators will tell 343 what their plan is and if there is a conflict within the lore or something doesn't align, they can veto it.

Anyway I can go on and on but those panels were such a cool look into the creative process and are wo...

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Thanks so much for checking them out! And to your point, it's definitely a mix and match of some scenarios that require tighter parameters and many others where we get to work hand in hand with fellow creatives and benefit from the imagination and skills that each individual brings to the universe. :-)


plz tag me in the finished work!

Canon Fodder #106: Outpost Discoveries

about 7 hours ago - /u/GrimBrotherOne on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Toa_Freak

I imagine they co-exist, based on previous decisions 343 has made on how things look.

We currently see them as co-existing.


about 11 hours ago - /u/GrimBrotherOne on Reddit - Thread - Direct

He has always been fond of Mjolnir...

Canon Fodder #106: Outpost Discoveries

about 12 hours ago - /u/GrimBrotherOne on Reddit - Thread - Direct

17 Sep

Terrible form.

He'll fall way behind at the turn, no way will he pull off a good flip turn and be able to catch up.

I made some cookies.

1 day ago - /u/misplacedyank on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by halosos

You have just doomed yourself. You were flooded with pizza, soon you shall be flooded with cookies...

I fail to see the problem here.

First time playing Halo. Wish me luck!

2 days ago - /u/Unyshek on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Welcome to the Halo community, /u/FootballKyle - I hope you enjoy yourself!

16 Sep

I made some cookies.

2 days ago - /u/misplacedyank on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by FlufffyCatFIN

If Halo Infinite is good I shall send you a cookie.

Don't make a girl a promise...

I made some cookies.

2 days ago - /u/misplacedyank on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by FlufffyCatFIN

Yes I did but I ate them all.


I made some cookies.

2 days ago - /u/misplacedyank on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Did you make enough to share with everyone?!

I want cookies now. Dang it.

14 Sep


Glad to hear it!

Originally posted by MilkMan0096

Seems that itโ€™s happened for a few people at least. Did something get changed that might make it pop for people?

There's a chance that that is the case. :)

I've been fighting to get this achievement fixed for a bit so I'm hopeful this is an actual fix and doesn't revert somehow.

It seems they finally addressed this issue.



Thanks for posting about this. I've been sorta watching for anything related to this achievement because I've been driving some behind the scenes fixes to try to get this achievement fixed. (It's been in a weird state for a while.)

It seems to be working now which is exciting.


Had you guys played Warzone before and completed/won a match on Stormbreak, Apex, and ARC without unlocking the achievement?

This is actually something I was curious to see if there'd be any traffic on so any info would be super helpful!

13 Sep

Originally posted by luckygazelle

My brothers and I went to the Anaheim event on Sunday and we had a blast. This was our first experience going to a convention and it motivated us to visit future conventions like PAX or E3. I was lucky enough to catch an ODST plushie while we're waiting for the doors to open for us VIP folks. A lot of the attractions were awesome like VR, Pelican training, and the Ring experience, but what I enjoyed most is being surrounded by the awesome Halo community. People cosplaying as Spartans, chatting about Halo lore, people giving high fives for teaming up, and seeing people expressing their love for Halo in so many ways (I've complimented someone wearing a shirt of an ODST playing sax. I have to buy that shirt!).

I would like to thank 343 for organizing this event. It made me feel closer to the Halo community. I would also like to thank a certain 343 employee who I think bought us coffee hours before the doors open. We arrived at our hotel late because our flight was delayed. So ...

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I'm glad to hear you had so much fun! That's exactly why we put on the event :)

I believe the man you're talking about is John Friend! He's the Head of Halo Consumer Products (the team that manages Halo merchandise, Halo: Fireteam Raven, and Halo: Outpost Discovery) and also leads the Xbox Official Gear. It certainly sounds like something he would do - he loves doing stuff like this - so I'll be sure to pass along your thanks!

Congratulations, /u/jaybird435!

It's certainly not an easy feat to achieve. I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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