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15 Jun

Okay, this was awesome!

14 Jun

Originally posted by GodsChosenSpud

Grim: does anything

Literally all of r/halo: “C A N O N F O D D E R W H E N”


In all seriousness, thank you for being an awesome part of this community and 343, Grim. Thanks for keeping us all apprised of how things are going with lore and community updates.

Hey thanks for the kind words!

Originally posted by JJAB91

You're the lewd elite guy and I'm the angery guy. Together we form a pain in the ass for Grim that no cream can remove.


13 Jun

Originally posted by SightlessKombat

Such a shame that this won't be coming to EU, would've really liked the opportunity to experience all of this for myself and meet the people who've put so much hard work and dedication into the games.

Hopefully in the future!

Originally posted by Party_Shrimp

Wish you guys were in atlanta! I might honestly drive down to FL

You honestly should.

12 Jun

Originally posted by 141_1337

Hey kinda unrelated, but we the recent uptick of activity, any chance for a Canon Fodder anytime soon?

Always a chance, I literally have a backlog of stuff I'd like to feature but a lot of it comes down to time and bandwidth with a bunch of other projects always happening at the same time. As mentioned above I do plan on doing an Outpost-related one probably near the end of the Summer, and obviously as Infinite gets closer there will be plenty to talk about. Plus maybe some fun Reach stuff in between. And then there's always the litany of peripheral subjects I'd love to dive a bit deeper into, but again, all about needing more time! :-)

(That being said, it always makes me feel good that folks like the feature enough to ask for more! <3)

Originally posted by mypasswordis-123456

What kind of animal has tusks?

A walrus.


Originally posted by VienQuitonm

I bet you Grim was thinking of me while he was writing.

I bet you I wasn't.

Originally posted by DrNick1221

Eyy Grim. You got a lore answer for what that almost enforcer sentinel looking thing shows up in this video around this point is?

I'm hoping to do a Canon Fodder at some point after it all to chat about some of the particularly cool lore tidbits incorporated into Outpost Discovery; sentinels would likely be a solid choice for a little discussion if that happens :-)

Originally posted by SEAN771177

Grim will you be at all of these events? Also I saw Steve Downes and Jen Taylor will be attending, will you need a VIP pass in order to meet them?

To my knowledge you won't need a VIP pass to meet folks like Steve and Jen.

As for me I'm currently slated for Orlando and Houston, Anaheim is a maybe (it's during PAX so not sure just yet). Hope to see you at one of them if possible!

Originally posted by secret3332

Waiting for one if these to hit the NY NJ area still.

Lol c'mon now, Philly is a stone's throw!

Originally posted by aidan5806

Any chance this was built within the slipspace engine? It would be cool to see more out of the new tech before seeing more Infinite stuff in the (hopefully near) future.

It was not, though that shouldn't be seen as a negative at all lol. Just making sure folks don't get different impressions.

Hey Lewis!

Thank you for making the video ands sharing with us. I haven't seen your tweet but I can tell you that people in the studio have watched your video and were touched by your sincerity.

I can't wait to hear how finishing the fight goes. Much love! <3

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