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I need a weapon snack.

These are incredible!

24 May


Originally posted by YearOfDaSnitch

Well, with Last Man Standing, you barely get any points if you aren't extremely good at the mode. Which I'm not. I get like 300 points at most.

This is so frustrating. I wanted the ultimate award for the fist time on a month. And now I just simply don't have the ability to get it. I've played 4 last matches and I'm not even close.....

I've been playing this since it came out, and for the first time in considering giving up

I appreciate you're answer. And I wish you luck, as it's not your fault. But you probably have to deal with it

I come with good news!

Rumble Pit is back! Go go go!



So first, you can play some LSS to get some FFA points, that should count towards that total!

Second, looking into the Rumble Pit playlist disappearance right now actually. Hang tight!

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