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Originally posted by Fifthfreedom91

I've got a plasma grenade on my left forearm. Black light ink included


I need to see this!


Looking forward to the finished product!

18 Nov

17 Nov

16 Nov

Originally posted by SilencedGamer

It might be the case that they made it solely for the new Steam Library update and didn’t accommodate for older Steam things like this.

We’ve had Store, Chat and Library update. And what you’ve got there is Steam Community, which looks very outdated compared to the other stuff, it needs to be updated next.

Hey /u/SilencedGamer! Would you be able to link me to where you're seeing this?

I can pass it along to the team so they can take a look :)

15 Nov

14 Nov

Was a pleasure to be there, thanks a bunch for the invite!

Originally posted by tackle70

Just confirming that latency is similar to pre-patch as my video prior showed. 300+ ms of latency delay on everything in multiplayer on dedicated servers. This is not acceptable or shippable performance for a PC FPS in 2019. 343, please fix this before launch.

And yes, I'm submitting this again on official channels.

Thanks for following up with another video /u/tackle70. We've seen your first video breakdown and chatted about it internally, so I've shared this one along with the team too. They're aware and on the case!

13 Nov

Halo Waypoint wont load :(

7 days ago - /u/misplacedyank on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Try a different browser, your phone, different internet connection, etc.

I can promise you the site isn't down lol. Also, what's your Gamertag? I don't think I can do anything but I'll doublecheck.

Halo Flight Invitation Problem

8 days ago - /u/misplacedyank on Reddit - Thread - Direct

If you're still having issues can you send me a DM with the email address that you got your invitation at and your registered Insider Gamertag?


12 Nov

I was surprised to see a job listing for a new project, especially when we're so heads down on Infinite, so I checked on this one for you all and found out that this is for Halo Infinite. The "new project" language is just pulled from job descriptions we wrote before we announced the name Halo Infinite.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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