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Originally posted by dronelogic

what a good sport

343 saw ur post and said ‘f**k this guy in particular’ lmao


This is officially my favorite thing to come from this subreddit.

Bravo OP, you are clearly a man of your word.

22 May

Originally posted by Suilean

Nope! It'll be served up as a wet, cold dinner this evening.

I'll be here!

Did I miss the egg breakfast??

I love this!

My island/flag is Zelda themed because that's how I've been rolling in Animal Crossing since GameCube.

21 May

Originally posted by [deleted]


No problem, thanks for looking out!

Originally posted by O_its_that_guy_again

Lordy, that's a lot of dogs

Indeed. But never lacking for puppy love!

Originally posted by [deleted]


Hmm, you sure? I think the montage is just above. The video appears correct to me. :)

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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