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Originally posted by DrNick1221


hey /u/Unyshek.

Nothing against you personally, but Hopefully it has been made perfectly clear how astronomically stupid this decision 343i made is.

Some communication about now would be appreciated.

Hey u/DrNick1221, all - thanks for the tags and no hard feelings at all!

I just dropped a few more points of clarification here on Twitter. Like I say in the post, I know it isn't the answer to every question, but I hope it helps answer some of them πŸ‘

23 Oct


Originally posted by DaBlueCaboose

Not sure if anyone else caught this but it seems like the portal complex is a bang on description for Hang Em High, or whatever the Halo Reach version of that map is called

Been waiting to see who might catch this. ;)

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When do they post?

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