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hey y'all, we're looking into this right now. hang tight.

at a guess, your decks will likely be reset so i'd hold off on completing challenges for now.

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What's weird is land grab was still up after the weekly reset.(at least for a while)I was able to complete one of the land grab challenges before it disappeared.

so for context, we usually have two updates on tuesdays

the shop rolls over first, at 10am PT, and then the rest of the game rolls over at 11am. so you likely saw the playlist between 10 and 11.

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It was definitely after 11(11:15) which is the weird part.


i did say usually.

today we had three updates with the third rolling out slightly after the first two to remove Land Grab and add BTB Social.

it's generally easier/safer to do it in chunks to make sure the whole thing doesn't go sideways if one thing is off. :)

decks should be re-set and no one should be seeing Land Grab challenges anymore!

if you are, please restart your game and check again. :)

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Thanks for the updates!

I love this new wave of more active communication from 343i, by the way. It makes me curious, though. Is it related to the "heads down" period ending (as it was described on twitter by some 343 leads months ago), or is it related to a new internal policy change to be more active in the community, especially here on Reddit? Or maybe just a coincidence? I just noticed you guys have been in almost every post I click on here on the sub in some capacity lately. Maybe it's a coincidence that I happened to click on the right ones, but it's been cool to hear from you guys on stuff.

just a coincidence?

definitely this! don't read too much into it. :)