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Preferred snacks, a bottle of Game Fuel (aka Citrus Cherry Mountain Dew™️, and a controller in hand, I'm ready to play Halo like it's 2007.


Halo 3 Refueled has landed and it’s full of your old favorites… or at least the maps which might have left the biggest impact from the Halo 3 era. Now, it is 2023 so things have evolved a bit. These maps may visually resemble these old favorites but it’s important to note that they have been refreshed and adapted for Halo Infinite's sandbox so they may play slightly differently.

Oh, and did we mention there’s one more bonus map created specifically for this celebration?

Let’s do the dew and jump in!


SYLVANUS (aka Guardian) Credits: Epik Xero, NightAvenger01, InfiniteForges, I Crush All, Virus11010 Modes: Slayer | Land Grab | Oddball | King of the Hill (KOTH)




Ask anyone what their favorite Halo 3 map is and odds are good that “Guardian” is up there, so it’s no surprise that we’ve got a great reimagining of it here for you to explore. Another map with some great Slayer action, famous for Oddball, and just a great all-arounder that feels like coming home.

THE PIT (aka The Pit) Credits: UneeQ, Mr Greencastle, Azwilko1997, Artifice7285 Modes: Capture the Flag (CTF) | Slayer | KOTH

The Pit



The Pit is another usual answer to the “Name your favorite Halo 3 map!” question. This map excels at CTF thanks to its symmetrical nature and equal chance for teams to exert control. Grab your crew and let the muscle memory flow straight to your thumbs.

CLIFFSIDE (aka Blackout) Credits: AngelitoCO, tHe PR gAmEr117 Modes: Slayer | KOTH | Oddball




Lockout Blackout returns as Cliffside! First seen in Halo 2, then Halo 3, and now Halo Infinite, this fan-favorite will have you reminiscing over LANs of days past. Play some Slayer, Oddball, or KOTH and revel in the familiarity.

(WARNING: Please report any ghost sightings. They should not be there!)

DOMICILE (aka Construct) Credits: Lunnzies Modes: Slayer | Oddball | Land Grab | KOTH




One of the more vertical maps in Halo, Construct returns as Domicile! Pretty fitting considering people often grab a part of the map to hang out in. From straight-up Slayer to KOTH, this map has a wide variety of experiences to offer.

BANISHED NARROWS (aka Narrows) Credits: AngelitoCO, tHe PR gAmEr117 Modes: CTF | Slayer | Strongholds | Oddball

Banished Narrows



Keep your head on a swivel and watch for flying Spartans! Narrows returns with a new coat of paint. How you get from end-to-end is up to you, but each option has a risk—take the lift and be exposed in mid-air, dare crossing top-middle, or try your luck below? Narrows is an excellent CTF map but also plays well with other modes.

HIGH GROUND (aka High Ground) Credits: UneeQ, Mr Greencastle, Azwilko1997, Artifice7285 Modes: 1 Flag CTF | Slayer | KOTH

High Ground



If one-sided objective modes like 1 Flag CTF are your jam, then High Ground is the map for you. Storm up the beach, breach the gates, grab the flag, and make a dash back for the score. KOTH and Slayer are also favorites on this map.

ISOLATION (aka Isolation) Credits: D0ctorSmurf, LudoHT, Okom1, nkdape, Virus11010, Mr IncrediJON, Mr Greencastle Modes: Slayer | CTF | Strongholds | Land Grab | Oddball




You either love it or hate it, but Isolation returns. Famous for its location on the Installation 00 Flood containment facility, Isolation is ripe for Mongoose shenanigans, crazy CTF runs, and sneaky Slayer plays.

CRITICAL DEWPOINT (Link Coming Later Today) Credits: ArturBloodshot Modes: Slayer | CTF | KOTH | Oddball

Critical Dewpoint



If you’ve played Athalon in MCC, then Critical Dewpoint will be familiar to you. This re-imagining of the map is perfect for some high-octane gameplay so get your squad and practice those callouts. PS – Don’t forget to stop for supplies during your match, you might be in for a treat!

Grab your controller, grab your Dew, squad up, and party like it's 1999 2007!

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