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Hey, I've been trying to sign into my main xbox account on MCC but when I put my email in, the "Something Went Wrong, Please try again" page keeps popping up. It is strange, I can sign into my xbox account through the app and the browser but can't on MCC.

I then try signing into another account on MCC and it works just fine.

I've already gone into the windows credentials manager and deleted the credentials marked with "xbl" and it still doesn't work.

I really can't wrap my head around this.

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i assume this is on PC right? try this...

paste this into notepad, save it as a .bat file and then run it:

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -command "cmdkey /list | ForEach-Object{if($_ -like \"Target:\" -and $_ -like \"Xbl\"){cmdkey /del:($_ -replace \" \",\"\" -replace \"Target:\",\"\")}}"