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So they added the sniper model to Hivebreaker Bunyip and increased the price from 1,600 to 2,000 credits.

Man it seems like we are getting further away from picking what we want from bundles. Instead it bigger bundles for stuff you don't want at a higher price due to cross coating and soon shoulders

so for clarity, there are two bundles that contain The Surgeon sniper rifle model. while it's being offered in two bundles, as soon as you purchase one of the two offers, you should then be offered the "fallback" offer that is the rest of the contents minus the weapon model at an adjusted price.

what is happening now is everyone is seeing the default Hivebreaker Bunyip bundle, regardless of whether you possess the sniper or not.

they have already found and updated the issue in the test builds to make sure that those who own The Surgeon see the backup Hivebreaker Bunyip model.

that update should hit the retail game soon. :)

Originally posted by Crespo2006

I got the Surgeon sniper rifle model from the first bundle but Hivebreakers Bunyip still cost 2,000 credits instead of 1,600

if you're referring to right now, that's because the main bundle is being shown to everyone.

the adjustment should be going live soon.