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remember when they said "it would come sooner than you expected" and everyone was like ":0 before e3??" then we waited like a whole ass year, they definitely announced it too early.

We've been pretty open about the fact that some aspects of development proved to be more challenging and complex than originally scoped. The project took longer than originally planned or we'd have never have announced that early.

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They really need to get a larger crew working on MCC especially since they stated they weren't working on certain issues due to lack of manpower.

It's not really an issue of manpower per say - there are multiple external development partners/studios contributing to MCC coming to PC. But the larger those teams become, the more challenging the whole project is to manage. Keep in mind the vast majority of the studio is completely focused on Halo Infinite. Ultimately the MCC work is still six complete games, most very old, being updated and brought to PC almost from square one which has proven to be no small feat. Features and issues always shift around and move up and down the priority list in game development - IMO every game has to inevitably make tradeoffs or it'd never ship. Good news is that the team is continuing to work on MCC PC and that work will continue on all the titles even after they've "shipped."

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Does this mean more people get invited?

As of now there are no plans to add brand new users to this flight. It's only being extended by a few days.