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It will sit there for the duration it takes to be kicked for inactivity, and i’ve even gotten banned for this. Am i the only one?

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about 1 year ago - /u/Unyshek - Direct link

Hey u/Competitive-Cress-43 & u/Maviiboy (saw your thread on this too) - I was hoping to gather a little more info from you both.

  • What playlist were you searching when this happened?
  • Does this seem to happen in one playlist more than any others?
  • Could you tell if you were joining a match in progress or was it a brand-new match?
  • What time/date did these timeouts happen?

And, going to make sure I plug the Halo Support site. If you hit issues like this in the future, filing a ticket on the site can help make sure it gets properly tracked and accounted for internally.

Thank you!